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Threadripper RAM | URGENT!


Well i would say 2933mhz cl14 is pretty nice on 8 sticks.
Its probablly not going to get much better.
2933mhz is what i generally see with running 8 sticks.
The more sticks you populate the more stress it would cause at the imc.
I know that the infinity fabric benefits allot from higher clocked memory.
But high clocks isnt everything, i mean 2933mhz with nice tight timings for example could run significantlly better then like 3400mhz with crappy timings.

So yeah Samsung B-dies seem to run nicely with AMD.
Some specific 3200mhz cl14 G.skill TridenZ kits seem to be running 2933mhz smoothly.
And i believe some specific G.skill Flare X kits also.
But yeah it also depends on the motherboard as well check qvl.


Hi everyone Not sure If I should make a new thread but I am hoping more people can recognize my issue with threadripper 1950x and 6 dims of ram.
I have the x399 Gigabyte Auros Gaming 7 and 6 sticks of 3000mhz ddr4 G Skill for a total of 48GB.
When I use 4 sticks I can Change the memory mode to Distributed in Ryzen Master. However, after adding the 8 sticks it is not available to change.
I am also suffering from stability issues in windows with 6 sticks such as, freezing and Beeps upon restart. Usually get 3 beeps that are rather long. I have also not been able to wake the computer from sleep since adding the 6 sticks of Ram.
I am not really that knowledgeable and this is my first Custojm Built PC, so anything helps guys!

thanks in advance


Well the problem wenn you populate only 6 slots of the 8,
you mix match memory modes.
Threadripper in particular is a platform that supports quad channel memory configurations.
Which means that the memory controller has 4 memory channels.
Each memory channel has 2 dimm slots.
Ideally you want to populate either one dimm slot per channel, which means 4 modules (quad channel)
Or populate all 8 dimm slots, which also means quad channel memory mode.
If you run 6 sticks, then it means that you mix match memory channel modes.
And i would imagine that you run into weird issues that you describe.

So my recommendation, either run 4 sticks, so populate 1 dimm per channel,
in the correct slots. (check motherboard manual for reference),
in there you see which slots you should populate.

Of course you could run 6 sticks.
But its not really ideally.
It might either work well or not really work great.
Depending if the sticks match in terms of timings and speed etc.

if you mix match memory modules kits, you can also run into stability issues aswell.
Best is to avoid using totally different memory modules.
If the 4 sticks you got is a quad kit with the same timings etc.
Then just use those 4 and sell the other 2 sticks.
Ryzen / ZEN is really picky wenn it comes to memory.
Mix matching modules is definitely a guarantee for trouble.


Wow, I never knew this! Thanks!

Does this also mean a single dimm can use two memory channels (dual rank, 2 memory channels?)?


Ok I Wish I could Just get another two to even that out! Damn Kraken is blocking it from being able to access.

When you say mixing two kits do you mean different sticks of memory or just buying them at different tines.

I checked the timings and And matched the Ram exactly so I would
not have issues.

Just buying them at different times will a cause problems?

Only Problem in my situation is I was running into Issues editing 4k videos in Premiere Pro where Utilization was pretty high. I was hoping buying two more sticks would solve that issue. I could always get an air cooler and stop using this Kraken X62 also I guess.

Sorry for being a Newb with this but I appreciate the help Immensely


Well the thing with memory is,
that there are allot of differentiates between memory kits.
Quad kits or kits are sticks that are tested working together.
Even if you buy two kits with the same timings, speeds and voltages,
it could still mean that the modules are totally different e.g. single rank dual rank,
differentials between chips used like Samsung B-die, Hynix or micron.
Mix match that, and you could also run into issues aswell.

The thing with memory is that its a pretty complicated mess nowdays.
Even two kits from the same brand and family can still have different memory chips on them.
This then depends on the product serial numbers.

Thats why for HEDT platforms like TR and X299, you get Quad kits,
with either 4 or 8 dimms.
Those are all tested to work together and are identical in terms of speeds, timings,
ranks and chips.
Thats why they are called kits.
AMD ZEN is really picky wenn it comes to memory.

If you have clearance issues due to your cooler.
I would personally advice to sell your current ram.
And just buy a quad kit with 4 sticks. like 4x 8Gb or 4x 16GB,
whatever you need for your day to day workloads.
Double check the motherboards qvl list about which kits work best with your particular board.
Ideally you want Samsung B-die memory chips, those seem to work best with Ryzen and TR in general.
Certain G.skill Trident Z and Flare X kits have those.
I believe also some sniper kits aswell, but that is something you need to do some more re-search into.
Because i dont have a memory module data base printed in my head haha.


You need 2 stick of RAM for dual channel. 3 sticks for triple channel, 4 for quad, etc. As long as the motherboard supports it (my X470 board has 4 slots but can only use single and dual channel mode).


Well yeah wenn you got dual channel board and you populate 3 slots,
it will run in flex mode.
However on AMD Ryzen / Zen i wouldn’t be surprised that you run into stability issues.
Because the nature on how picky Zen is on memory.


Thanks so much for the Info! Now if Ram was not so Damn Expensive Nowadays! lol


Its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness…


It actually came down quite a bit over the last few weeks/months. You can get 2x 8GB DDR4 kits for under 90€ now. The “good and preferred” kits are still expensive, though (like Trident Z 3200MHz CL14).


Yeah if you buy two kits of the same modules, same serial numbers etc.
Then they will also work fine together.
However in most cases a quad kit will be slightly cheaper or even.

So yeah for HEDT i would personally just pick a Quad kit.
But definitely check motherboards memory qvl list,
which kits work best with the board.
Some bios updates also improve memory compatibility.