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AMD and Intel have simultaneously launched new CPUs today: Intel is launching the 10980XE (18 core); the 10940X (14 core); the 10920X (12 core); and the 10900X (10 core) on the existing X299 platform (though we will see many motherboard refreshes!). AMD is launching just two new CPUs today -- the Threadripper 3960X (24-core) and the Threadripper 3970X (32-core) on the new high-end TRX40 motherboard platform. Allthough the 16-core 3950X also enters retail availability today, we reviewed that chip previously.

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2 Likes link is wrong I guess
It points to “SSD February 2019 Benchmark”

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Good catch. Also same for the link in YouTube.

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thanks, fixed
note that I’m not sure avx512 was working properly. The 7980XE for avx512 was for sure working, I believe. I was curious about 10980XE performance w/ and w/o avx512. I will have to retest that.

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Is the artifacting in the video just me?


I noticed it too.

Also there is a mistake at 9:00 benchmark table where the 10980 is referred to as an 18 core part but the graph shows it as 16 core which was a bit confusing ans I was reading and hearing different things.

@nx2l thanks for that I was a little worried, this was the very first video I watched on my Mini PC after moving, though it might have broken in transit.