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Hi Guys,

First post here, total noob so apologies in advance for the basic questions but I came here after watching the video on the youtube channel about the WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI motherboard.

I have also read the article on anandtech on the board it mentioned :
“It should be noted that this motherboard is somewhat unique by having three 8-pin CPU connectors, rather than the usual two. Most power supplies won’t come with enough cables or support for three 8-pin CPU connectors, so users must be wary of this requirement. That being said, out of the three headers on the board for these connectors, ASUS has seen fit to reinforce two of them with additional armor support, but not the third. I wonder if the two reinforced ones are actually the ones required for the CPU, and the third is for additional power to the motherboard.”

I have built rzyen PCs before and not really had to much to think about in terms of PSU , but im slightly confused at what is required to power this thing. Most power supplies (which I can barely find any in stock) only have 2 CPU 8 connectors.

Does anyone have any experience with this?


Hi Ollie,

From the Pro-WS-WRX80E-SAGE-SE-WIFI Manual, those 3 x 8pin for CPU are labelled {ATX_12V_1, ATX_12V_2, PCIE_8PIN_PWR}, so I expect the power supply just needs 2 of the usual CPU 8pin, plus one spare 8pin PCIe connector.

But we may have issues connecting 4 x 300W accelerators. I noticed the Supermicro AS-5014A-TT pre-built comes with a 2000W PSU.

Which make me wonder, given the current lack of > 1600W PSUs, is there any (safe and robust) way to hook up two PSUs for this ASUS board? Anyone know if we can get the same PSU Supermicro will be using?


That 3rd 8pin, is likely gonna be a PCIe [any of them marked ATX12V, along the PCB, will be your EPS ones]. If not mistaken, aren’t their also 6pin PCIes too?

That board would probably glow, if that kinda processing/power binge takes place [or LN2 stupidity?]

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Okay thanks guys appreciate the help :slight_smile:

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