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Threadripper Pro Audio Production Under Windows Not Great

The ports are not always labeled correctly. It should work though. Play a sound with volume up and go through the ports in the back. And front.

It’s just usb audio so all those options are actually tunable

Good to hear that it works for you, at least I know the problem is on my end :upside_down_face:

It’s weird that when I plug a headphone, for instance, the outport port change automatically (to Headphone - USB), but I’ll try your suggestion. Also audio is working fine with an external USB DAC.

My guess audio route is broke somewhere in the chain.

There are kernel updates and that’s the “same” usb audio device everywhere bit it’s not always wired up the same

Just a quick update if someone else is having the same problem.
Audio is working fine on audio-out port on the back panel. The issue is just with front panel audio.
I believe the issue is with pulse audio. Alsa is working as I can play a wav file with the command "aplay -D plughw:1,1 "