Threadripper memory support?

Hi sorry if I posted in the wrong section, there wasn’t a memory section. I was wondering if anybody knew anything about memory speeds supported by Threadripper? The review kits that were sent out to tech reviewers all seem to have 3200mhz memory so is it safe to assume those will be supported?

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I’d assume similar compatibility to AM4, likely with better ECC support because of the nature of the platform.

Past that I wouldn’t hope for any miracles.

Because Theadripper is a new platform I would waite 6 months to let them solve the bugs or problems that come with a new platform. If you can’t waite I look up the memory guide for any of the particular motherboards you are looking at.

I was gonna wait until the 1900x came out but I was planning to buy the memory, power supply, and storage first then get the CPU, gpu, motherboard, and cooler after.

In that case, go with single ranked samsung B-die or dimms on multiple AM4 vendor’s memory compatibility lists

I would have to second the idea @tkoham just suggested, but If I was in your shoes and could afford a Theadripper, I would waite six month to a year for them to fix the bugs or problems that come with a brand new platform.

To be fair I was working on the assumption that frugal, financially conservative people don’t buy HEDT rigs.

I don’t which is the reason I said if I could afford it.

Thanks for all the help. I’ve looked up the supported memory list and so far it’s gskill and team group. I would’ve waited longer but my 4770k system died on me a couple weeks ago so I wanted to build a new system before classes start up again at the end of August or else I’d be stuck only having my phone to connect to the internet and do my work on

Yeah man, wasn’t attacking you or your suggestion, just qualifying mine.

As for the financial aspect of it I’m the type to work every single day of my summer break without a day off since I enjoy working more than anything else.

I mean… for an 8 core, AM4 is perfectly fine and will be supported until 2020 at least. You sure you want to invest into Threadripper? What is your use case?

Truthfully outside my computer science course work not much. I’m trying to learn video game level design using unreal engine and my girlfriend will be using it to stream and edit some videos but that’s about it.

May want to go with AM4 then. Cheaper, you can buy it right away, easier to cool and it still fits your use-cases just fine.

You also get the benefit of not having to deal with early adopter syndrome (as much)

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Thanks for the advice. I probably will end up going with am4 but wanted to entertain the possibility of Threadripper.

Considering Threadripper is Ryzen why would you think there would be memory issues? AM4 has fixed practically all its memory issues. Ryzen 7 is Ryzen Threadripper.

I cannot speak for all motherboards, but Asus has preset for 3600. They even have micron and hynix running at 3000+.

The way I see it, Ryzen 7 just made all of us beta testers for what was to come.

I ordered Threadripper, but I need Vega to complete. Also fully watercooled. I have 64GB of Team Group 3200 dual rank 16GB sticks. It will run at 3200GB. If not I will come in here with a pic face palmed and apologize to the whole community… lol

it might also be depending on how manny memory modules you are going to use.
Interms of what kind of memory clocks you will be able to reach.

@MisteryAngel A little off topic but nice to see you’re still on the forums. You helped me out on my first thread with help picking out a z87 mpower max motherboard all those years ago. Haven’t been on the forums for maybe 3 years back when it was teksyndicate.

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Haha thanks.
Yeah time fly´s, but i´m still arround on the forum’s. :wink:
Hopefully the board did served you well.