Threadripper idle temps Sanity check

Trying to do a Sanity check, I have a Thread ripper 2920x on a Taichi X399 motherboard, and an Enermax LiquidTech 280 cooler.

I am seeing idle temps in the mid 60’s and when running light loads touching 70c.

Thanks in advance,

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sounds hot to me, 1950 here on the corsair h115 plat’ 36 idle and around the 70s under load.

Your problem is the liqtech cooler. I bet it is clogged.


My 2950 idles in the 30s on a coolermaster 360. But it heats very quickly, it’ll jump from low 30s to high 40s nearly instantly soon as the CPU load climbs off zero.


Here’s my idle from HWiNFO64. I watercool, and have a silly huge radiator.
You need to know whether you are looking at Tctl or Tdie, and be explicit about which one you are talking about.
Tdie is the “real” temp. Many programs only see Tctl, which has 27 degrees C added to it (for 1xxx series TR, not sure if it’s the same for others.)

Mine right now, running Elite Dangerous at 2160p. Will grab an idle when I log off for the night and let the loop cool down a bit

after closing the game and letting the loop cool down

It’s about 23c in the room right now.

You’re likely completely fine. I wouldn’t be concerned at all until Tdie gets past 60c. I believe it’ll start really self throttling at 67 but don’t quote me on that.

For reference here’s a quick test I did with mine, though I recently moved it and realized that the rad was actually getting a minor amount of unexpected ambient airflow from my “pull filtered air from outside” fan, so I need to redo it tomorrow.

My 2950x is currently bouncing between 57 ~ 63c due to doing a ton of video upsampling right now.

Just using a Noctua TR4 Tower Cooler.

2950X with a Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro TR4

Tdie: 31.5°C


I was hesitant to go liquid for my TR build. Will see how long this coolermaster lasts.

I have an rev 1 Corsair h100 that is still working great cooling my server, 8 years old now. I redid the paste a few years ago when I swapped a core i7 for a Xeon.

I have an Enermax ELC-LMR240-BS Liqmax II 240 from 2015 that still works great on an old motherboard that was my main, but was retired to being a backup NAS before I recently switched to an ancient supermicro board because “muh ipmi”.

Only thing I had to do was refill it when it started making a little noise last year. When I opened it up it only had a tiny amount of stuff to wash out. Kind of a shame that whatever changes they made on the newer models really screwed the dog.