Threadripper ecc help

Basically I’m building an unraid machine the specs are
Gigabyte X399 AORUS PRO

I don’t know what ecc ram to buy. I did try the samsung M393A1G40DB0-CPB and it wouldn’t boot(it was a single used stick bought on ebay though). I plan on having 50tb+hdds on here and need a solid recommendation for ecc ram that is guaranteed to work so would really appreciate any help.

I can no longer find a link to the ECC that I bought for my Ryzen. And apparently you can get 3,200 MHz now! So that would be better than my 2,666.

This seems to have reviews claiming it will work. I don’t know if the price makes sense.

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Thanks. It seems to be incredibly difficult to find info on this.

That is the wrong memory, it’s an RDIMM (Registered aka buffered memory), the X399 only takes ECC (U)DIMMs (Unbuffered aka Unregistered memory).
Indeed, I’m not sure if Threadripper even supports RDIMMs at all, those are usually the territory of servers.

The upside being that your RDIMM likely is fine, it’s just unfortunately not usable with the board you have.

To go into a bit more detail: while RDIMMs technically need not be buffered they, in my experience, pretty much always are, so it’s often not even listed that they are ECC (eg. Samsung’s website explicitly equates RDIMM to ECC RDIMM and their actual spec pages don’t mention the ECC part).
UDIMMs are a different matter, without ECC they are just regular PC memory, so there the ECC ability tends to be explicitly listed, as per the listing @zlynx linked.

Spooky timing, I just upgraded my x399 board to ecc yesterday to convert it to a virtualization platform

Went for these:

Because I found a posting on an old l1techs thread saying the worked. The 8GB variant is also on the qvl for my motherboard.

I got them off an eBay seller for £50 a stick.

I didn’t find anything faster than 2666Mhz, but as you say the amount of info out there for this is shockingly small.

It’s almost like x399 is an end of life short run platform that almost no one bought and even fewer people are buying now on the used market. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the build.

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