Threadripper 3000 Rumors

I watched a Moore’s Law is Dead video on youtube where he discussed his thoughts on the upcoming Zen 2 Threadripper chips from AMD. The current rumors/speculation seem to be that there will be 3 different strains, a trx40 with 4 memory channels, and a trx80 and wrx80 with 8 memory channels. Does anyone have any links to anymore info around these? I’m assuming a trx40 would have 64 pcie lanes. Is it possible that the trx80 or wrx80 would have 128 pcie lanes? Any comments or speculations are welcome.

I speculate it will tick me off something fierce if 3rd gen isn’t drop in compatible with x399. Just as I was warming up to the red team again have them pull an Intel.

Im not sure moores law is in any danger with these new stacking chips. Moores law per square mm is going to jump in transisters. Via layers.

Its a little out of my field of expertise but the new goal is to get memory as in the information close to the compute that will be done on it.

Basic bitch has started with Ryzen 3K and Zen2 having massive IO dies with cache … Sometimes half a gig. In the future ram / cache being close to the compute units is going to be power scalable and efficient on both CPU and GPU compute.

Our quake and fornite will not make use of this but in 5-10 years games will start evolving to the tech if AMD’s lead is a thing. It seems to be super computing wise.

What this sounds like to me is that there might be a drop in compatible from the trx40 and then two others that aren’t drop in compatible. I could see why amd might try to go from 3 sockets to 2 just based on volumes. I doubt there’s tons of volume to support tr4 socket systems and I think they might move threadripper to am4 or sp3 or something new. I kind of wonder if this won’t end up being a tr4 drop in threadripper and an sp3 threadripper released in parallel.

Its hard to tell if AMD will change the TR socket for the next line. I dont think they need too as in server side it works.

So id say it will work. Total guessing on my part.

But Ryzen AM4 and TR sockets will be changing in to 20’s to something hopefully super radical and intel will just have to step the fuck up on the stacked dies and tech.

It could be a nice PC jump like 16bit to 32bit was. At least I hope it is.