Threadripper 3000 not for 2019

Regardless of you laughing it happened. I got baited…

I lets hope they make it happen, i was looking forwards to getting a zen 2 Threadripper.
But if the Ryzen 3xxx are as good at the leaks, there might not be nay need for that

oh come on, it was funny.

have a little humor.


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Can I at least make one shitpost since I missed the opportunity?

I maintain my (initial) position of innocence. I’ve been teetering between ThreadRipper or EPYC for a new system build. With the prospects of a third gen ThreadRipper I was holding out. To see that this is not the case makes me reconsider my decision. I rarely buy a two or more year old component for a new system I’m building. Call it wasteful, perhaps.

The little text next to my username has nothing to do with my comments in this thread. I can screenshot discussion from the Leader Lounge where I’ve asked several owners of existing ThreadRipper platforms about their experience.

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Sounds like fabricated evidence.

Anyways, no hurry for TR 3000 to come out, AMD is already outselling Intel in HEDT.
And ice lake HEDT is at least a year away.


Right-o chief.

@KuroNeko This ^

Still waiting.

It was in a Reddit thread.

I’ll see if I can find.



Doing God’s work GK.

Do better next time OP.

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Tweaktown? Oh deal god no! Their site is total trash just from a rendering point of view, I won’t be able to read it at all.

Did anyone literally anyone else report on this?

I checked their site they have two slides let me repost -

the idea is in the report from May they didn’t even include threadripper.

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If true, I’m thinking it has everything to do with Rome.
They are taking big orders on that cause it’s gonna wreck cascade lake in perf/watt.


Was TR on the official roadmap or one of the leaked roadmaps?

Both of those slides are leaked slides from investors presentations, and don’t forget both of them could be fake.

They’re real.

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This is the official leaker. there are more slides with info there btw.

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If we’re throwing out the wild speculation, a 12/16-core AM4 SKU would make Threadripper redundant, unless you need all of the PCI-e lanes/RAM…

Which is why they should keep it at 8 cores.
Even amd should reap some segmentation benefits.


I agree.

Saying that, if the IPC is close to Intel’s, and they manage higher clocks, they could potentially out do them in core counts for each price tier and still reap the benefits of moar cores.

Threadripper didn’t account for a high percentage of sales (at least for 2017-18).