Threadripper 3000 not for 2019

Many news sites have mentioned it already, everybody probably already knows that AMD has dropped the new Threadripper 3000 based on Zen2 from its 2019 roadmap.

Now, that seems strange. TR users are high paying fans of AMD. If they’d release the new TR 3000 Q1-2 in 2020 with Zen2+ right around the corner, it would be old news already. Not a good way to entice people to pay lots of money for a premium product, if it’s outdated six months later.

So, as someone with a 1920x bought recently/cheaply, eyes firmly fixed on Zen2 this summer, I’m quite disappointed.

Has anyone seen any articles or knows of any journalists with good contacts at AMD to get more information?

I’d say, wait for whatever AMD says at May, 27. That’s only 18 days away.

Unless you’re a shareholder this information matters little at any rate. Either AMD delivers and everyone is happy, or AMD doesn’t deliver and you may want to rethink your PC components this autumn. Always have a plan B available!

Everything else is idle speculation at this rate, and could very well be unfounded rumors from those looking to damage AMD - though more likely they are probably true (personally would say around 80% probability of truth). Always take all rumors with a good pinch of salt.


Cite your sources.

But yes, TR 3000 for 2019 was unlikely from the beginning.

So it goes, for amd anyways.

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A roadmap slide had TR listed for 2019 and that slide has been changed apparently. Think I saw that in a Joker video.


Is there a particular reason after buying a 1920 you NEED a TR3K now?

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I think if tr4 2019/3000 might be 32+ cores? IDK know how they could do that though.

I am outraged. How many times are we going to allow AMD to drop the ball and just change their roadmap whenever they want?


Could be bad press so it is good press, so when they do announce TR4 3000 they will win?


Sounds like a whole lot a spin to make incompetence sound like strategy. :man_shrugging:




AMD is having glue supply issues


The 2950x is so good I’m not sure they need a 3950x right away. If the difference is just 4.5 to 5ghz on 16 cores that’s not huge. If instead it’s to give aib partners time to build pcie4 mothetboards … Or even 8ch mobos… that’s fine. Worth waiting for.


This guy seems to think they’re skipping Zen2 and going for Zen3 right away so they can meet demand for Zen2 Epyc.

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Strange to see this coming from an “Intel shill” I mean it was tick-tock then became tick-tock-tock then tick-tock-tock-tock in just two years. Or should we talk about the promised holy land of 10nm ?

Sorry this joke of yours looks like a bait. Please stop.


CERTIFIED Intel Shill.

Referring to AMD recovering from Bulldozer and then flopping with VEGA?

If whataboutism doesn’t work for Intel, Nvidia, Microsoft, or Google, then it doesn’t work for AMD, either. Sorry, yet another flop from forever 2nd place.

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Looks like you don’t deserve to be certified if you don’t know what I am talking about. Still stop baiting in AMD threads.

Dodging the question, I see.

My outrage is genuine, despite what you may believe.

This is not the place to discuss this.