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Threadripper 2990wx workstation


my use case benefits a lot more with cores and thread than raw performance on single core (VM’s is not my primary use case.)

i already have a 2700x file server that runs a handfull containers for my inhouse use. 10GB nic on that one

my ML use case is very heavy my test datasets have millions of entries i need the gpu helping out.

when im done with tests and development long training seassing in prod or stage happen in the cloud

the zenith extreme has a 10gb pci card, i have 2 other servers rocking a 10gb nic, for switching im using netgear with 4 rj45 10gb ports and 1 SF port Netgear XS505M

i been doing for my production servers for a while, not an issue for me, also for gaming i plan to add a VM with passtrought one of the GPU’s

dont spect any problems here the TR 2990wx has 60 pci lanes

i dont think thnis will be an easy for me, i will only have 1 vm with a dedicated GPU, and if i have more they will be most probably be server VM’s with no X or windows manager all managed to SSH

go for it, your use case is a lot less extreme than mine. i been using 2600 and 2700x for a lot of small home servers for me and my friends and they work pretty well specially with unraid.



Sounds like your spec is about as good as it gets. I saw the pic of the parts coming in. Super amazing. I am curious what kind of numbers it puts out. Plan to post any benchmarks?

If you ever want to start a thread on scheduling/loading GPUs in tensorflow/theano/pytorch, I’d be happy to read!