Threadripper 2990WX - MSI MEG 399 Memory not recognized

So as the title says, I have a client that does a lot and I mean a LOT of crunching data on Excel. Each data crunch takes about 1 day. They asked me to create a PC with the 2990WX 64GBs and 4 1TB Samsung 970 PRO in RAID 0 with at 2080ti.

So I installed the system. Everything looks fine but when we do the test, its super slow, slower than the 1950X and i9 systems that he has.

Looking further I found these problems:

  1. The memory show as “unknown 64 GB @ 1066Mhz” on Speccy it doesn’t show up on CPU ID and on Windows Task Manager it shows as only 48GBs @ 2133Mhz.
  2. The memory I bought are 8 x GSkillz Tridentz AMD certified F4-3200C16Q-32GTZRX i’ve run them with and without XMP, still the same thing.

THIS is what I mostly need help with now

Thing to try later:
3. I’ve run crystal disk, ssd is fine and speeds are at it should be (i do have my doubts if its running as it should, but I rather help first with running the RAM the correct way).
4. How do I make Excel use all cores to process, can this be done on Windows or on the BIOS, how?

Much more info can be provided if you ask, I just don’t want to flood the first post with a ton of data.