Threadripper 2 vs. Ryzen 3 DaVinci Resolve Workstation

Hey, yall! I apologize if my search-jitsu is weak, I tried finding relavent topics but I didn’t see anything. It won’t let me post links to my build lists, fyi.

Would it be better to use Threadripper gen 2, for the pcie lanes, than Ryzen 3 for a video editing workstation? I can get either system for about the same price. I heard pcie 4.0 at 8x speeds is as fast as 3.0 16x, so I can fit two nvme drives for scratch/cache.

I’ll be editing primarily 4k BRAW files. I’m a compete novice, but I want to learn all the aspects of post, including VFX.

I know I’ll need a NAS eventually, so I’ll need 10Gbe on my workstation. I also want to build a render machine after my NAS.

I’ve been planning on getting a 2080 Ti or whatever is equivalent (plus a better monitor, don’t worry) after I get my camera and audio gear. I was hoping, as a beginner, a single 11GB card would last me.

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