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Thread Ripper is NOT Flexible (Thank you, Microsoft)


Someone suggested that I start a new thread about this and admittedly I have to say it was the best advice I got on that previous thread where I first mentioned this matter. Now brace yourselves as expound upon my statement in the knowledge that things change. So far, to the best of my knowledge, the only operating system AMD recognizes as viable for Thread Ripper is Windows 10. That’s it, not even a passing suggestion that Linux might be yet another viable option, nothing about earlier versions of Windows (probably because they aren’t), or even other operating systems. Fair enough. So I am left to conclude then that since AMD only acknowledges Midrosost’s Windows 10 for their late great platform that Thread Ripper is a hardware platform that was made for Windows 10 only. Is that a fair assumption?

Now many of us “know” this isn’t intrinsically true. You can make Linux work on Thread Ripper — well, sorta. There will be issues: RAID issues, rendering issues, gaming issues, software issues… issues. So what. When are there never any issues, right? My point is that AMD seems to fail to endorse Linux as a viable operating system for Thread Ripper. My point is that AMD only gives WINDOWS 10 their unmitigated stamp of approval. For those who would go so far as to suggest that’s okay because “everybody does” I should like to point out that ASUS didn’t do this when they advertised the motherboard I purchased when I was trying to get my hands on a good dependable work station and Intel (rascals that they are) never said that my CPU would only use one type of O/S either. Yeah, I know a CPU isn’t a motherboard. So let’s cut to the chase.

I’m posting this in the CPU section because I like to think that hardware platforms begin with the CPU. I really don’t think there is much point in making a main board for a CPU that doesn’t even exist. As much as I am tempted to extol on the virtues of Thread Ripper (and I must admit that I am very tempted to go with this platform for manifest reasons) I find I simply cannot bring myself to do so and hence, have not purchased any Thread Ripper hardware as of yet. I don’t think that means I am verboten to discuss Thread Ripper merely because I don’t own any of the hardware. I am a work station user.

Would it not be a fair statement to say that a platform is NOT flexible when so many dozens, nay, hundreds of platforms before it (and after it) actually are??? Let me put this another way: How many PC hardware platforms do you know of that run exlusively on only one version of operating systems? How many CPUs will only use one specific o/s? Would you say that they are cough flexible? In all my days of using work stations I have never encountered anything like this. The work station I currently use boots to Linux, Windows 8.1, Windows7 Ultimate, and yes I use all three. It boots to many many other operating systems as well but for my purposes a triple boot is all that I need. Friends, it’s a WORK station — not a WIMP station. Alas, in light of Spectre/Meltdown and that blind trust that so many millions before me invested in Intel I find myself beside myself. But I will give Intel this much: They are certainly flexible.

Please let me be clear: I love the whole Thread Ripper concept. I mean, so much so that I’m ready to turn coat on Intel (never really being into the whole fanboi thing anyway) just to get away from the dark threat of Spectre/Meltdown and cross over to AMD to enjoy the speed and performance of a remarkably impressive platform EXCEPT for one thing: Seriously??? Only one stinkin operating system??? Okay, here is my extensive apology:

I hereby apologise for putting doggie poo-poo on the shiny shoes of the overly zealous AMD Thread Ripper fan boys and henceforth promise never to blunder like that again. I UN-DOGGIE POO thee… I UN-DOGGIE POO thee… I UN-DOGGIE POO thee. I grovel before thee and plead thee thy unmitigated mercy upon me for desecrating thine most emminant holy shrine. Yes, instead I shall endeavor to find more creative ways of blundering. (This could be one of them.)

SERIOUSLY??? ONLY ONE STINKIN’ OPERATING SYSTEM??? (And maybe Linux kinda sorta?)

NOPE. Not good enough. I want AMD to publically declare that they endorse Linux for their Thread Ripper platform. I want to see their stamp and seal of certifcation on it. Yes, I think Linux deserves it. The suggestion that the hardware isn’t supposed to support the software does NOT wash with me when the HARDWARE manufacturers are saying things like “for Windows 10”. Huh??? The fact that I hate Windows 10, completely despise Windows 10, will never use Windows 10, and think that Windows 10 should be vapourized and disintegrated and reduced to an ionic plasma where it is further disassembled to an infinite number of sub-atomic threads and dispersed from one end of the universe to the next… Has nothing to do with it. If, for example, Thread Ripper was “Linux Mint only” (and kinda sorta maybe something else) I would still accuse AMD of the same chicanery:

Thread Ripper isn’t flexible.

There it is. Shall I say it again? Thread Ripper isn’t flexible.

Have at it, droogies, trolls, and technocrats. I’ve said my piece. (For now.)


I applaud you for using this correctly.

Why do you think Linux deserves special treatment on the ThreadRipper series? Who would facilitate that flexibility? Would the dependencies be GNU or Qt?

Does AMD have special plans to evolve this, or is their EPYC going to be the server/Linux route?


I don’t really know what you mean by not even a passing mention of Linux.

Right here on the page for the 2950x it clearly says, Windows 10, RHEL, and Ubuntu.

And for the 2990WX

Actually, all the Threadripper CPU’s have the same compatibility, stated by AMD.

" *OS Support

Windows 10 - 64-Bit Edition

RHEL x86 64-Bit

Ubuntu x86 64-Bit

*Operating System (OS) support will vary by manufacturer."



And the plot thickens like blood in the frozen wastes.


Well, evidently you would like me to say more. Fair enough. I shall be brief. If indeed it is possible to use Linux on AMD Thread Ripper without violating any rules or warranties why shouldn’t Linux deserve the recognition? After all it isn’t as though other platforms never gave Linux said recognition on their platforms. Is this such a bad thing? For me it is just common sense and I find this exclusivity stifling. I’m not an IT, I’m not a Linux rep, I don’t have a degree in computer science, and I don’t have a crystal ball to look into the future with to answer your other questions. I am a PC enthusiast/builder/writer/blogger/forum mod/consultant etc. etc. and I love my options. So there ya go, I’ve said more. (For now.)


Well thank you so very much for that. It looks like AMD has given Linux an endorsement. :smiley: That’s a good start. Evidently I was reading the wrong material. I did state in the lead post:

When I first started researching Thread Ripper there wasn’t a peep about Linux , not a word, and people were asking me why should there be. Well, in light of what’s been going on with Windows lately I think there really should be some acknowledgement of the alternatives. I really hope more CPU manufacturers bear this in mind as Microsoft’s obvious agenda to rent our own hardware to us becomes increasingly imminent.


This is way more than I can or even have the knowledge to get into but… What’s stopping you?

You mentioned raid, that’s software right? Linux has its own solutions for this.

It ONLY is endorsed on Win10, but Wendel has been extolling the virtues of how much better linux handles ThreadRipper and windows just can’t get its act together and "Just Work tm*.

Do you really NEED a shiny sticker before you try it? That seems like more of a you problem, and I do not wish to sound accusing or offensive, I am just trying understand what the actual problem is?


This is your thread, do what you want ._.

As others have mentioned, you have options. Though, I don’t understand this little tirade. You’re a consultant in technology but don’t consider yourself I.T.?

PC Enthusiast is broad, but I get it. Maybe don’t get so invested into a particular brand?


Yup. I need a shiny sticker. Platinum is preferred. BTW do you know anyone who is interested in purchasing a brand new, in the box, sealed, Intel 6900K CPU? :grinning:


Did not say I was a consultant in technology. Do you honestly believe only technology consultants use PCs? Forgive me. That question is about as derogatory as yours was.


Haha, suckered in by the Xeon branding I see :joy:.

As for the 6700K, sorry my next upgrade is Ryzen quickly.


lol well, we are not alone, my friend. :sunglasses:


You included it in the same list as your PC Enthusiasm. I took that to mean they were all related. You’re a PC Enthusiast that writes about PC Enthusiasm and has a blog. Since you threw in consulting I followed my reasoning and took that to mean you built systems for people.


Well, to, be fair, I guess I do consult in technology among other things. I’m also a PC builder so when a client asks what they think they should use for their specific PC needs I do give them recommendations. I mean, I’m also an author, a naturalist (can you believe it?), a grandfather, and a father. I like to play chess but this doesn’t make me a grand master.


Lmao so you blew the f up over a misunderstanding that wasn’t a misunderstanding?

Have a nice life.


I thanks ye kindly. You do the same. BTW… Do you know anyone who might be interested in purchasing a brand new, in the box, sealed , 6900K CPU? Again: Just because I like to play chess this does not make me a grand master. I’m not an I.T. and I don’t have a degree in computer science.


I mean, hey, it’s tough not warning people about Spectre/Meltdown. Especially when they want to go Intel and what do you do?? Ya gotta tell 'em right?


I’ll give you all the money in my wallet for it.


lol… Half price?


It’s a 6900K. Here’s what I’d love to see in Thread Ripper:

  1. The ability to use Thunderbolt.

  2. The ability to use Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

  3. The ability to use Windows 8.1 Professional (64 bit, of course)

  4. The ability to use Linux Mint 64 bit (That’s Debian - not Ubuntu)

  5. The ability to use my LSI RAID card without issue.

It ain’t gonna happen. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. i need something flexible.