Thoughts on this PSU

Hey guys. Atm I am trying to pick a PSU for my future build and I wanted to know if AKASA Venom PSUs are reliable enough.   I like the price on it (78€ in my local shop). Any feedback is much appreciated :)

I would always buy the big company's for powersupplys corair, xfx, sesonic, pcpower&cooling are all good brands but never cheap out on a powersupply

Atm I chose a Corsair (650W TXV2EU) PSU but I just wanted to know if AKASA is an option too

The 550W little brother that is from the same OEM got a half descent review from Techpowerup but the Corsair is definitely the safer card.

To be honest I am really terrified of PSU. I have heard/read some really bad experiences with some and that is why I asked a question like that :/. Loosing 1200€ of my hard earned money would really melt my heart...

So is the Corsair PSU really safe? ( This costs 90€ so its not all that much money :)

Thank you 

yeah, seasonic is the best, foolwed by xfx, corsair, and coolermaster. also heard good bout enermax and silverstone.

most of them just recase seasonic psu's

Thank you. I will stick with the Corsair PSU then. :)