Thoughts on this build?

I plan on getting a pretty decent build, and my budget is around 1200 USD, and this is the build:



What do you guys think about it?

I plan on using it for gaming only really, and I plan on playing on max setting and get a good FPS, tell me your opinions below, thanks.

I sugest you silverston psu for 70$,  and if cheaper, go with 2500k, and think about monitor(because you will regrat that), better is to buy an DELL 24 Ultra or look up for some big BENQ GW27!

Well, how much would something like a DELL 24 Ultra cost? I'm on 1,200 Dollar budget (Roughly)...


299 $, my friend has it, and i was amazed how the pivot looks, in future i whant to buy dell 2713hm, because of extreme HD. I know i's expensive the 24 inch, but it will be worth the money belive me.

oh you will get on your budget! just looked whats your pc price

That ASUS monitor will work just fine...

Everything in this build looks good to me except for the motherboard. I've had bad experiences with MSI, and I've been hearing stories from other people about their MSI boards failing. I would go with either ASUS, Gigabyte, or ASRock.

A lot of people complain about Seagate hard drives failing. I have no experience with Seagate, but Western Digital probably makes the best hard drives on the market.

I would also suggest getting a nice CPU cooler like a Corsair H100i, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, Noctua NH-D14, or Thermalright Silver Arrow.

You might want to think about throwing an SSD in there too.

Actually, I've tweaked your list quite a bit. This is what I would go with:

Use the SSD as a cache for your hard drive with Intel SRT.

The problem with this build is that it goes a bit over my budget... The mail-in rebate prices maybe 1,195, but I don't have the extra 75 Dollars to spend on that build... The motherboard and HDD I could probably get though. Unfourtunatley, I don't think I can afford the Coolermaster or The SSD, but I MAY be able to afford one of them... if I could, do you think I should get the SSD, or the Cooler Master?


Hmm...that depends on what you value more. Would you rather overclock your CPU or have an SSD? The SSD will speed up your computer pretty considerably just because a hard drive is going to be the biggest bottleneck in any system. You don't necessarily need an SSD though, as long as you don't mind waiting longer for your pc to boot or for programs to pop up. I personally won't build something for myself without an SSD though just because it makes everything so much smoother.

I would personally get the SSD now and then grab a cooler later when I had the money saved up. And SSD is going to make a larger impact on overall system performance than a CPU overclock will.

I was kind of thinking the same thing, thanks for the advice. Also, an other thing, do you think I should get the 7950 Sapphire or the Nvidia 660 ti?

They're both pretty comparable, but I would personally go with the 7950 just because it has more VRAM and more memory bandwidth. You can take a look at the benchmarks for each one for certain games too. Get the one that's best for the games that you play.

ssds for caching hdds... mmmm



Yeah, I know, I just was looking into card that will support what I need for the next few years. I plan on playing alot of games that come out in the next few years. Some games that are out now that I would like to play on highest settings are: ARMA II, Hitman:Absolution, Skyrim, etc., most of these games require intensive video and proccessor demand.