Thoughts on these builds?

A friend of my brother is looking to get a gaming PC for around £500, But I'm not sure whether I should go with an A10 5800k or the Phenom II 965. Here are the buids I've come up with: - A10 5800k build. - Phemon II 965 /w ATX build. - MATX Build with Phenom II 965 and Hyper 212 EVO. - Phenom II 965 /w MATX board, stock cooler and GTX 660.


There wasn't room in the budget of the Phenom II with ATX board build for a CPU cooler, there wasn't on the MATX one either but atleast it's only £16 over, rather than £24.

What are your thoughts and is it worth getting the 212 EVO? Or will the temps be fine at stock clock under gaming load with the stock cooler?

Trying to get him the best gaming performance PC I can so I don't want to go with the A10 if for example if it'll bottleneck the AMD 7850. or the GTX 660.

Will the temps be okay on the fourth build? The MATX, stock cooler and GTX 660 one.

I would go with the A10 but bring the RAM up to 1866mhz.. The A10 may bottle neck the 7850, but you should have a hard time doing this, especially if those two are going to run in cross-fire.

It should be fine with the stock cooler unless you OC.

I don't think you can Cross-fire the 7850 with the A10, only series 6 graphics cards like the 6670.

Thanks for letting me know..

In this case, swap out the 7850 with the most badass 6670 you can find.