Thoughts on the next iPhone?

iHear the next iPhone is  to be revealed in a near future and that it could be a bigger phone with fake sapphire glass, anyone have an opinion about it (except that most probably prefers android around these parts of the internets)? 

Also, what about IKEAs take on phones/tablets?

I think it will be nearly the exact same phone, but everyone will line up for days to buy it anyways to have the "Newest thing" Like the hipster crowd wants them to do.

i wonder if they'll be able to pull off the hype this time, without Jobs, with iPhones being already powerful enough for most uses and with Android having been so successful. I'm assuming the phone will be an incremental improvement over the previous one.

The real improvements in the generation will be in iOS integration with Mac OSX, i.e. software; but that's not why people will line up for them.

Short of changing the shape, I cant see Apple doing much besides upgrading the hardware specs. at this point they have created a very specific user experience that people have come to expect. Making any radical changes would be a real shot in the dark and would certainly lose them some sales in the short term. In short, its going to be the same glass and metal piece of overpriced garbage with a better screen and a better CPU.

Oh damn... there I go getting all biased... and I was doing so well too.... It probably has nothing to do with the android tablet i'm typing this on, Or the android phone in my pocket... Couldn't be anything to do with that.

Also, that video was hilarious!. You could almost taste the bitter resentment Ikea has for anyone who ever asked for a digital version of their catalog.

I think everybody would agree Apple has stopped innovating. The only person who innovated made it so he was THE ONLY person who innovated. That has made the company so successful, that it doesn't matter what the next iphone is going to be like. I agree with the above comments, incremental changes to hardware at no great value to the consumer who spends the premium.

I do think IOS is a great OS and its more stable than android. But I will not purchase an Iphone.

Loved the ikea video, don't want to see another OEM unless its Elon Musk or similar.






That is all

Well 64-bit CPU, bigger retina display, more ram.  Kind of typical incremental upgrade, both android and iOS got stale about a year ago where there's no innovation going on with the cell phone market.  I really hope that this will change soon because cell phones are just not that exciting anymore.

I guess that's why the mobile market is trying to push smart watches, the cell phone market is stagnant and the innovative moment is over.

I agree. I think software innovation will be more interesting.

I'd rather have more control over my Android phone and more seamless and secure integration with my computers at home (Linux/Mac/Windows) than a fancy additional gadget. That seems to be where Apple are headed with iOS/OSX.

They are already lining up for it, though some of them are getting paid for it.

That reminds me of this:

I dont see the need to replace my phone until it breaks. They have had pretty much the same features for awhile now.

I don't bother with games on my phone so faster / more cores blah. I guess it will take the next big thing before I feel like creating e-waste.