Thoughts on the new Amon Amarth Album

Logan and Tek Syndicate community,

What are your thoughts on the new Amon Amarth album? So far I am really enjoying it. The guitar work on this album is some of my favorite by the band.



Heard a few tracks. Sounds solid.

Pretty nice indeed.



Oh its good. Nothing I wouldnt expect. Can see me driving really fast when As Loke Falls come on in the car lol. 

It's alright. Was hooked on it for a few days, then stopped caring. It's amon amarath, alright. 

Much better than surtur rising anyway. 

My thoughts on this album, there are a couple of songs i loved, Father of the Wolf, Shape shifter and coming of the tide. pretty brutal. I feel Twilight of the Thunder God was the best one

What? There is a new album? 

Tour dates are garbage, Texas 3 times? Comming to North american and the only Canadian show is montreal? WTF, theres only 1 road in Canada how hard can it be?!