Thoughts on the HAF stacker?

I just bought the HAF stacker. And now I'm considering the 915f to put an itx system in for guest to play on or to use as a massive storage solution and keeping the other 915 for a rad box.

I personally don't like the cooler master aesthetics because I always see them and I was kind of getting tired of their kind of style but I like that it isn't the traditional box look at the same time so I went for it anyway with it being on sale.

What should I expect when I get it? I haven't seen one in person and I kind of want to know what it would be like to build in and do water cooling in a custom loop in there (one 45mm thick 360 rad on the bottom for the moment in a CPU and graphics card loop.)

And lastly, can I fit a PSU in the bottom next to the 360 rad to power my disc drives, fans, pump, lighting and other miscellaneous stuff to ease the load off my main power supply to power the more power hungry things?


The haf stacker is reaaaaaaaaaaly good its massive about a meter tall and imo its better than the corsair 900D

The only problem is the side pannel be extreamly careful it scratches with a cloth I personally had a peice of glass glued on and now its just awesome.

It will fit any psu in any of the stacker cases oh and onther thing cable manegment is a bit difficult I asked my friend to cut some holes.

But its worth the money just you can pretty much do anything with it youll really be happy imo.