Thoughts on the Gigabyte Ga-B75M-HD3?

I'll be building this with the i5 3570k and a cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.


I was wondering what you guys thought of it (in terms of functionality)- I really am trying to stick with Microcenter for getting hardware.


At their current prices, I'd be able to snag the mobo/proc for ~$195

well that board is crap, i would say every B75 board is crap for ivy-bridge cpu´s, the reason for that B75 only supports upto 1333mhz ram by default. so you need to overclock, further there is a big chance that you have to flash your bios, before it will even work with an ivybridge cpu.

Please go with a Z77 board, just to avoid those headaces.  also because you are looking for an unlocked i5-3570k so i would advice to go with a Z77 board. there are also cheaper H77 board. but putting a unlocked K cpu on a H77 board is just a bit of a waste, because OC feutures are just Zero.

So my recommending, go with a Z77 board.

Grtz Angel ☺

Just to clarify:

-The RAM I have running is 1333 Mhz anyway

-Apparently it works fine with 3570ks.

But the rest of your points are good, I'd say.

What about that one?

Well as far as my knowledge goed about that particular Asrock Z77 extreme 4 board. i did not read much bad reviews about it. so it seems to me that its a good board.