Thoughts on the Dell Venue 8 Pro?

I'm Considering looking at a 64GB Dell Venue 8 Pro STRICTLY for Content Consumption (Netflix, Crunchyroll, Web Browsing all the Goodness)  and for Productivity (College work) its about 320 dollars right now.

so yes thoughts? and i will plan on buying a Micro USB / USB Flash Drive to make my life easier


I don't know much about it but I can imagine it being pretty sluggish with that quad core 1.3ghz atom processor. Also, if you want content consumption why not look at the nexus 7? Its screen is 1920x 1200 compared to the Dells which is 1200x800. The screen of the nexus is 7 inches but significantly sharper compared to the dell, which would be better for movies. The nexus is 32GB for around $280 (if I last recall) so with that extra money you could be a bigger micro USB flash drive to download whatever onto it. 

Personally, I would just go with the nexus just because of its screen being much sharper, because it has the play store (windows store sucks) and also because its so cheap compared to other tablets with those specs. 

sorry i forgot to type this on the description of the post. i needed a windows 8.1 tablet as laptop replacement. i don't have a laptop but i need a windows tablet i can take quickly and get my stuff i need to do done. but i don't want to spend more than $500 and i was looking at the Dell Venue 8 Pro also i'm aware the windows store sucks i just need the windows environment on the go.

I am going to assume that you want the cheapest device to satisfy your needs and that you want to know the best tablet (not laptop/fliptop) for your budget.

TheAlmightyBaconLord has a pretty good pick, there. You could cut some corners to get under that price, but there's not much point. The Nexus 7 has what you want in terms of watching (video streams, books, web pages). For productivity, there are a few options, but most of them cost or are clunky.

Another option that may attract you is the $420 MSI WindPad 110W. It will run Windows 8 and/or *nix to let you get through your office work as well as watch content. The USB port will probably make much of your work easier. It is larger, though, and has a lower resolution screen and carries a more expensive price tag than the other offering.

The main issue I see here is typing text. If you have to write a multi-page paper (or that much text elsewhere), you'll find it easier to either use an external keyboard (a laptop would be better at this point), a speech-to-text function (you need a place where it is acceptable and convenient for your work schedule), or your thumbs (it'll take some hardcore controller-gamer thumbs to do well here).

I am hard pressed to recommend any tablet to you for your purposes with the information I have right now. Please let us know what your situation and constraints are.


synopsis: I think you need a small laptop. Please let us know what your situation is.

My situation is this.

I have a rig that i use to game and get work done when I'm at home. I do have a bunch of PDF files (Manga, College Text Books, regular books, stuff that i like to read) that's is why I would prefer the 8 inch form factor. also I've been reading a lot that Office for android is a bit terrible. I don't plan on typing full papers on it that would be silly. the dell venue 8 pro comes with full Microsoft office and is capable of running full on windows applications and on the tablet i can do minor edits of my work on the go also Multitasking is Excellent. now the Nexus 7 isn't a bad option its just the lack of a Micro SD card slot is a Deal Breaker for me. i have a bunch of 64gb SD cards lying around (Don't ask). like i mentioned earlier i need the Windows experience on the go and my preference is the 8 inch form factor for the reading. i don't want to play games on the tablet. its for just content consumption and when i need to get stuff done i have it,  but i dont wish to spend more than 500 dollars on a tablet and don't want to buy an ipad ether.

 I haven't made my decision if i should get the Dell Venue 8 Pro. but the price is right, comes with windows 8.1 and has memory expansion. it was an option i considered and was wondering how its performance was, you can recommend me other windows tablets if you'd like that are better. but no more than $500

The dell venu 8 pro kinda has a shitty stylus. The Asus VivoTab Note 8 which should be available soon is similarly speced and priced but comes with a wacom digitizer and a better pen from what ive heard. Id look into it a bit. Might be hard to get at first though.

I need to understand more what Windows uniquely offers you. For example, what are these full on windows applications that you would actually be running? It sounds like you'd be either 1: reading a book or similar, 2: watching a stream/browsing the web, or 3: viewing/lightly editing a word document/slideshow/spreadsheet. All of those tasks can be accomplished proficiently on Android. On the Android side, AndrOpenOffice is based on free open source software (FOSS) that has all the standard pieces that you will need while out and about (slideshow, spreadsheet, database, word processing, etc.).

Also, it looks like the Nexus 7 supports on-the-go (otg) USB hosting that could then be combined with a microSD to USB adapter to let you expand your storage onto those microSD cards you have laying around.

synopsis: Nexus 7 may be the device for you, further information required.

does it really matter?

part of daily Drivers when I am not gaming on my rig, All of Microsoft Office, Foobar (carrying the majority of my music library), Winrar, Bit-torrent some PDF Conversion Programs, I don't want to use alternatives. one can argue that there are alternatives for these programs on android but I'd rather use these programs that i already know how to use.

I've been looking at these