Thoughts on the 7870XT

I wanted to know your opinions and/or experiences with the 7870Xt. A friend of mine is looking for a new card and turned to me for some help. He plans on doing 1080p gaming, and playing with enthusiast settings. They look great, and are cheap as hell. Depending on how it runs i just may get myself one.

Also, since it is basically a 7950, would i crossfire it with the 7950 or the 7870?

it can only crossfire with the 7950 or another 7870XT or LE

I have 2 Powercolor Mysts (tahiti core) in crossfire overclocked to 1212/1500. The performance is amazing and microstuttering is minimal. With one card OC to 1253/1500 I got P9614  with a graphics score of 9800. In crossfire mode, P13343 with a graphics score of 17,076. Maybe I just lucked out but these Mysts are beasts. Crossfired they crush my son's OC  Sapphire Vapor-X GHz Edition in every benchmark. I highly recommend the Powercolor Myst as I have had no problem with them.

Looks like a great value card. I was thinking of putting into my new rig but I think I'm gonna go for the 660 just beacuse I found it at a great price and it's a bit less power hungry!