Thoughts on TES Online?

I believe if Bethesda keeps a TES feel that it can be a succesful game, and a game worth getting. Your guys' thoughts?

I'm hoping it will have a bit more complexity like the old TES games. Skyrim felt way too dumbed down and easy, to the point where it's more of an action/adventure than an RPG.

I'm all for the first-person style in an MMO environment if they can bring something interesting to the combat other than left clicking over and over. I'm also anxious to play with friends, and get more glorious Elder Scrolls lore.

But hey, it's Bethesda. They can release a literal box of garbage and everyone will call it the game of the year.

It essentially means that there will never be another Elder Scrolls game, just look at what happend to Warcraft. No Warcraft 4 in sight. No Elder Scrolls VI.

God, I hope you are wrong veridiam. From what I've seen of it, it just looks like anouther WOW clone, and  consequently is going to be a fiasco that will be remembered for years due to it's massive production costs and the hype.

By the way, it's third person and is developed by Zenimax.  It actually looks like a mixture of WoW and Planteside 2

[url=]An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online[/url] (video)

Never played an Elder Scrolls game but this one definitely looks like one I'll be playing

Fucking sad, people talking about TES the moment they see it and nobody even notices CU.

I fell in love with the series with Daggerfall, and Morrowind is still one of my favorite games of all time. Our summers spent playing morrowind on xbox and pc, scattered about in my parents basement, inevitably left us wanting a TES mmo. Regardless of what I thought of Oblivion/Skyrim, TESO looks to be playing fast and loose with the lore, which bugs me. I don't particularly dig the changes to the art style either.

What has me excited though (and really bummed that my none in my group have yet to receive a beta invite) is that you can level via PVP. I loved DAoC, and had a great server in WAR for like 6 months, so the idea of being able to just run into the pvp lake and stay there, and with 3 factions again this time, has me really psyched. 

I have a feeling its going to ruin TES. Ive played them ever since morrowind came out (which is the best imo) and have put about 300hrs into that one, oblivion and skyrim. So obviuosly they are imortant games to me. I have a feeling this mmo wll be just like every other mmo and it will suck after a while. I'm sorry but mmo's have gone down hill. But since this game is made by bethesdas sister company, I hope Bethesda will still be making fallout and elder schrols games to come.

hope it's pay to play.

It is. $15/month is what I heard :p

Wait and see approach. I'm somewhat optimistic with the inclusion of the first person view.

Pope, TESO will be focused on PvE. If you want DAoC RvR then you should support Camelot Unchained insetad.

Yeah I'm aware. I'm mostly just looking for a reason to enjoy it along with some friends. Not expecting it to floor me on any level but could be a good group game for a month or few. Thanks for the word on Unchained though. Can't believe I haven't seen that. Hope it gets funded.

Yeah, me too. We really need more backers, with smaller amounts, not just the guys who want to contribute $150 each. The average amount per backer right now is $160, I think.

I made a thread about it here, but nobody seemed interested, unfortunately.

BTW Pope, check out the latest update on "The Depths" if you haven't already. =)

For those who aren't sure what we're talking about, this is the page:

Thank god, pay 2 play means they would pay the necessary attention to customers to improve the game overtime