Thoughts on Skullcandy Crushers?

Hello everybody, Corbin here.

  At PAX East back in April, my dad and I visited the Skullcandy booth.  Now, I've always loved Skullcandy headphones and earbuds, so I was pretty excited to see that they had testing stations for every single product that they currently make.  But then, the Crushers caught my eye.

I'd heard of them before, with the whole "Bass you can feel" motto, but I never really knew why everybody was talking about them so much.  So I gave them a shot, first playing Dubstep to test the bass out and then some Led Zeppelin followed by Metallica.  Everything sounded amazing, and being a bit of a basshead, I absolutely loved the rumbling, pulsing concert-style bass that vibrated my head.  My dad tried them out with Disturbed, one of his favorite bands, and he loved them as well.

I am going to be getting a pair of these Skullcandy Crushers with my birthday money in a week or so, but before I do that, I want to know what you all think of the Crushers, even if you've never actually used them!  :-)

I've already made the decision to get them, so I'm not trying to get help with the decision; I'm just curious as to what the community thinks.

Have fun!  If you want to know anything else about what I thought of the Crushers, or have any questions in general, feel free to ask!

My mate had a pair in 2010. They worked for a month and then broke. Longer than any pairs of skullcandys I owned lasted (normally about 2 weeks).

I haven't touched the brand in 4 years because of their crappy built quality. If you're going to spend $100 on earphones with a bassy signature then I'd recommend the Sony MDR-V55 for $50 and save the rest for something else. I've had a pair of these for the last 2 years and I can say that they sound a lot more expensive than they are. The sound is quite bass heavy so you'll probably like them.

If you don't mind using a software equaliser on the device you're listening on to get a bassy sound then have a look at these for $100. Everything will sound a lot better through them.

never owned a skullcandy thing, don't know anyone that owns skullcandy, never really seen anything made by skullcandy I can't really judge them.

Iv never used crushers but i have had at least 10 pairs of skullcandy headphones i can tell you they have the worst build quality ever. Every single one broke within six months but most didnt last a full month. Only pair i ever had more than six months were 50-50's which i lost but they were still working after a full year of use. Personally i will never buy skullcandy again. There are so many amazing headphones that sound better, are built better and cost less. Right now i have sennheiser HD419's and AKG K77's and both cost $40 and sound better than anything skullcandy makes. The sennheisers are also the most comfortable headphones i have ever used, feels like you're not wearing a thing. 

I use to have the pinstripe version (Assuming your talking about the skullcrushers). They sounded good far as i can tell. I believe about a year after I got them the left speaker blew out on me or something of the sort and I had little technical knowledge at the time so they were refunded. (Extended warranties are nice) I imagine the bass line from Superlux would blow them away, but I do not have the funds to go out and buy them to confirm. You should be able to get some life out of them as long as you treat them well.

I've only broken 2 pairs of skullcandy earbuds, both were when I accidentally dropped them while at school while they were still attached to my phone.  People behind me ended up stepping on the wire, snapping the plug, and yanking the mangled wire out.  You must do some serious stuff with those headphones!

I am very meticulous nowadays (Those broke about 2.5 years ago) about being careful with headphones, so I'm gonna stick to the candy.  Plus Skullcandy has a full lifetime warranty, so if the headphones do break, then I can either replace the wire or send them in to get new ones for free.

Thank you for the suggestions though! My friend was looking for something cheaper than the Crushers that do pretty much the same thing.  Do either of the headphones you linked me to rumble and vibrate with the bass?

That's alright, thanks anyway!  :-)

Why does it seem like everybody else has so many problems with breakage?  I honestly don't understand what people are doing to break headphones so much like that!  Thanks for your input!

I am not talking about the old Skullcrushers, I am talking about the new headphones that are simply called Crushers.  They are based around pretty much the same system, although I don't know if the Skullcrushers had any rumbler/vibrator driver.

I absolutely love the free lifetime warranty that Skullcandy gives with all their headphones!

I do try to treat all of my headphones with care.  I've only broke my Ink'd 2 earbuds twice by dropping them in the hallway at school while they were still plugged in.  Somebody stepped on them and gave both pairs a good yank, therefor breaking them.  I also have a Turtle Beach X12 headset, and that stays on its own little hook attached to my desk.  I use the X12's for my computer,

All of the Skullcandys I have owned have broken because the drivers or jacks weren't properly soldered to the wires so they broke with the slightest tug.

Both of those headphones won't rumble with bass. They don't have the inbuilt amplifier that the crushers have (which is a bit of a gimmick). The Sonys have a bassy signature and the Audio Technicas have a more flat signature. You're going to get a reasonable bassy sound out of the Sonys without losing too much of the clarity in the mids and highs. The way that the crushers work amplifying the low end causes the mids and highs to be washed out.

If you don't mind that, then go ahead. I feel like they're a waste of money though.

I'm getting the money for them for my birthday, so that's taken care of.

I don't think that solders will be an issue, since 1. the wire is detachable, and 2. the unit is designed to rumble, so the solders are probably reinforced or at least higher quality than cheaper headphones.  Either way, the lifetime warranty will be able to help me out if they do break somehow.

The real reason that I'm getting these is not actually to use them all the time, but rather to have some fun while gaming and listening to heavy metal.  So really, I'm getting them because they rumble.  I do agree with you, it is a bit of a gimmick though!  The amount of money being put into making each unit has to me less than quarter that of the actual $100 price tag.

The Sony's and AT's sound, I agree, would be a lot higher quality, but like I said before, I just want to have some fun while listening with the vibrating and concert-esque experience that the Crushers give.  The crushers do have two drivers, one made for the mids and highs and the other made specifically for rumbling, deep bass that shakes against your head.  I think that might help with the clarity of the mids and highs, but as you said, they are still gonna be washed out by the bass if the rumble slider is turned all the way up.

They are terrible; you are paying for the name.

To everyone whining about shitty build quality,


BUT here is the thing. last I checked, skullcandy has a free lifetime replacement warranty that is EASY PEASY to do. I can tell you I have done it for over 10 of their products without a single issue.

I don't use skullcandy any more. I don't appreciate the sound reproduction of their products, just like I don't enjoy Beats. HOWEVER I can see why you like them, and I encourage you in your purchase. For more accurate reproduction, look into sennheiser and klipsch :)

All flash, no quality.

In my opinion, save up the extra $30 and get a pair of V-Moda Crossfade LPs. Built like a tank and actually sound pretty good.

If you came here to justify your purchase than you probably won't like the replies. But if you personally like the sound then that is up to you. However:

My cousin just got a pair of these. Listened to them. They sound okay. Bass heavy and muddy just like a pair of Beats. Everything else gets drowned out. They are okay for most Rap, Dubstep and Electronic music but even then they aren't the best. I found them useless for pretty much anything else.

Rock was meh and Symphonic Metal, of which I listened to quite a bit of, was incredibly muddy. Female vocals were completely overshadowed by the bass.

He had them for about two weeks. Then the left driver failed.

I put them in the same category as Beats. All show and no go. At least they aren't as ridiculously overpriced as Beats.

I had a pair of skull candy earbuds a whiles ago. I wasn't very picky at all with audio quality so they sounded great to me. I used them for 2 weeks, then forgot them for a while. A month later I went to use them (they'd been sitting on a table by my bed the whole time) and the left earbud was completely dead. I checked everything in my phone, and it was all good. A pair of generic sony headphones worked perfectly, but the skull candy's were half dead. Wouldn't recommend buying them ever again. 

That is great that they have a good warranty and that it is easy to do. HOWEVER it doesn't justify making shitty products that break all the time. A warranty should be the last resort.

10 different RMAs? That is a bad sign...

The old Skullcrushers had a amp on the cable for bass boost. The battery would last about a month or so before it died. From my memory they sounded great. The new "Crushers" looks similar, if not a bit larger. They seem a bit over priced IMO, but they should work for you.

I have not had to buy any headphones due to breaking for quite some time. I am currently using the Superlux HD 668B's on my computer and a pair of fairly aged Walkman ear-buds for on the go.

So in other words, the product is not terrible, but the price is terrible for what the product is.  I agree with you, they were pretty overpriced.  I bought mine for $60 from Best Buy with a 40% off coupon.  The headphones themselves are actually pretty nice; they are comfy, not really too large (but still pretty damn big), the sound quality is decent and of course when the bass slider is all the way up the mids and highs are washed out a bit but not too much, and they are overall just fun to use.  Definitely not the best sound quality I've heard, but I still really like them anyway.