Thoughts on newer, more portable gaming notebooks?

Hey all,

I just refently purchased and am enjoying the new MSI GS70 Stealth (MSI GS70 2OD-002US).  I was originally looking to get a Razer Blade Pro, but this came out and is a much better value proposition. My question is this:  What does everything think and feel about the move to build notebooks capable of gaming, but be more portable than your typical gaming notebook?  Razer started the movement with their introduction of the Razer Blade a few years ago and have continued to make strides in what can be done in the form factor of the ultra-book(well, almost) and now MSI has put a couple of models in the mix and I believe Alienware will soon show their hand as well.  

Personally, I am a fan of this move in design, but I feel I may be that niche that they are targeting out of what is already a niche market as it is.  Thoughts?

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With the rise of the APU, I expect it.  The HP Sleekbooks are quite capable of decient gaming and they are thin as hell!!!  Im just excited in general about the APU capabilities.

The APU is fast but I can not consider it as a replacement for a true gaming graphics card. If they prove to me that it can perform as well as the graphic cards then i would consider buying a gaming laptop of some sort, but since they havn't proven that yet, I would rather build a mini-itx setup which I can carry around.

I dont know, the APU's are pretty powerful considering.  I mean when you carry a notebook around and go to class, and the coffee shop, and casually to a friends house the graphics dont have to be turned up because your not going to be immersed in those environments anyways.  When you get home and get to sit down at your desktop with your FX-8350 and 7970 Ghz Edition, lol.  That is kinda my point of it.  Its not a desktop replancement, just a gaming on the go partner.

That I can agree on, but when it comes to like going on Lan for a week or stuff like that, then I would rather consider a strong but small desktop.