Thoughts on new Lumia 822 battery


I have to say that battery with increase capacity is latterly day and night much better than stock one. I was overall impressed by MPJ quality and communication.

On stock because of the heavy way I use my Lumia 822 I had to get an extended life battery...I have a lot accounts syncing, and I am always checking stuff, browsing the website, using GPS and YouTube videos.

Usually my average use last 8-10 hours. My friend on the other hand gets almost one whole days out of his stock battery, so every user is different. But surely 10 hours for me isnt good enough, because sometimes my days are longer than that when Im working.. So I really needed to get an extended life battery... and last month I got this MPJ battery for my birthday!
And now I also got a whole day even though under heavy usage and even a little longer after calication. 


see to their website...actually i do also need extend battery life now since i have begun playing long did u get the battery?

GAMES SUCK UP ALL MY POWER!! Mate, u really shouldn't begin playing them;-) i only waited several days before hands-on it.