Thoughts on new build?

Okay so after increasing my budget a little i went and picked up the 770. Later on down the road I want to get another one and run them in sli. is a 750w overkill? Let me know what you guys think.

750w sounds just about right for 770 SLI.

I would go with a Hyper 212, as the H55 will have similar performance, but at a steeper price.

Motherboard's a bit expensive for my taste, as well.  I can see you're trying to shoot for a black/red color scheme, though.

Suggested the ROG HERO not too long ago on another thread, and in your case it'd be a better choice in my opinion. Cheaper but just as good if you're just going to have two cards on SLI.

 Edit: Forget what I just said, didn't pay close attention to what you were buying, sorry v.v

Fixing to get everything ordered. Have one more question. Just caught my eye and I'm pretty sold on it. But will it fit in the define r4? Its a 280mm radiator but i read somewhere that the fractal only is able to support a 240? Can anyone confirm this for me?

I don't think that'll fit without modding...