Thoughts on new audio solution?

Right now, I am using a Marantz 2325 as a headphone amp + speaker amp with the source being an ASUS Essence STX. I do love this combo, however the receiver is on loan from my dad, and is giving me some problems right now that are likely going to take a while to diagnose (The Marantz 2325 is one complicated piece of electronics...). This made me think that perhaps it is time for me to get my own solution.

Now I have a power amp board that I used, and while it was cool, but didn't give me the sound I am looking for through the speakers, or the headphones (using the STX audio). The low end is lacking with this amp, though it puts out plenty of volume. For a headphone amp, the STX compared to the Marantz, the highs can be harsh at times when using the HD558's.. The Marantz by comparison had tone controls, which I was able to fine tune the sound with. This, coupled with the fact that the Marantz just naturally has a warm, tube-like sound, and it made for a great combo. 

The solution I came up with, was to get a Marantz 1060 for its simpler beautiful design, cheaper price, smaller size, and MUCH simpler electronic design. The problem is that they are still hard to find for less than $300 after shipping, usually tipping in the $200-250 on the low end after shipping. I wouldn't mind doing a DIY tube kit that gave me everything I needed, but those are usually even more expensive. Basically to sum it up, I have a loose budget of $200 which I can stretch if needed. I like a warm, tube like sound to my audio, without mudding the mids and highs; I like my highs nice and clear, though not harsh. My headphones are the Sennheiser HD558's and the speakers are the Infinity P363's. I would LOVE to get some HD650's for their darker/warmer tone over the 558's, but their price is out of my budget. Aesthetically I love the look and feel of solid metal knobs/faceplates, and prefer manual controls for everything. I HATE software/HUD controlled interfaces; I prefer a simple knob for tonal controls. The other nice thing I liked about the 1060 was that it has a tube-like sound, without the warmup time and heat of tubes.

So yeah, I basically already know exactly what I want (a Marantz 1060), but just thought I'd post this to see if anyone else had any other ideas that they think would fit me.