Thoughts on my X99 build?

I am finally building my x99 build, let me know what you think and if you have any changes or suggestions. Not all parts are listed such as a few noctua case fans, couple hdd's, ETC. This PC will be for 1440p Gaming multi monitor(4k within 6 months), drafting design, and editing videos. Also I may up the ram to 32gb. 

looks good to me realy.

But is there any good reason why you choosed for a 5930k over a 5820k?  Because both cpu´s are basicly similar, only the 5930k offers 12 more pci-e lanes. In my honnest opinnion its not worth it to pay a $200,- premium for just 12 pci-e lanes. unless you realy gonne need them?

Well I was planning on slapping another r9 295x2 in soon after the build, when I get my 4k setup, and wanted the power headroom, and I wanted EVGA PSU, but the 1050watt is more expensive.

I was told the 5930k was a lot better for gaming by an IT guy at work, but after reading your comment I just looked it up and you are totally right as far as gaming but he also said something about needing more PCI-E lanes for another r9 295x2 if I add it in, is this true?

I am not hugely informed on CPUs I have always ran AMD 8350. Thanks in advance.

PS I am researching more into this tonight I hate not knowing lol

well with a second 295X2, idk if you would ever need a quad gpu setup,

But yeah then it make sense to go with a 5930k. because of the extra pci-e lanes. But in terms of raw performance the 5820k and 5930k are basicly similar. its only that you pay $200,- for the extra lanes. With a quad GPU setup, its basicly better to have those extra lanes. Because then the gpu´s will run in 8x mode. instead of 4x.

Thanks for all of your help.