Thoughts On My Extreme Gaming/Video Editing PC Build

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can you buy this for me;) all looks good! maybe go for 16gb ram if you have a bbudget like that

looks sweet, only that psu is massive overkill, only if you ever thinking of  put 2 780´s in sli, but eaven then you won´t need 1200W power

I'd so get 16gb of ram, and if you have even more budget, you could watercool! :D Other than that, it's a good build, and that 1200w PSU will let you get a second 780 in the future.

The Corsair H100i Is The WaterCooler, Also Im Thinking Of Getting A EVGA GTX 780 Hyrdo Copper Which Is Watter Cooled But It Is Not Yet Realsed 

So many things I would change. First of all, the AX1200i is waaaaaay too large, and waaaaaay too expensive. Drop it down, at most, to a Corsair AX750 or AX650 if you can find it. Seasonic X 650 would be perfect for price/performance/quality for a fully modular PSU, and the Lepa G650 Mas would be fantastic for a semi-modular PSU.

Instead of the H100i, get a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. Equal, or better performance, for less money.

The Dominator Platinum RAM is way too expensive for what you're getting. G.SKILL Trident X is just as good of quality, but cheaper! Get 16GB of RAM for the cost of 8GB of Dominator Platty.

Watch the video that shows the Naga and G600; the G600, which is the mouse I have, is a fantastic mouse! Absolutely fantastic. Worth considering over the Naga.

The Sabertooth is really expensive; I'd look into the Hero, the Gigabyte UD5, or even teh MSI GD65 instead.

The Corsair 800D is huge, and really expensive. If you're getting a Corsair Obsidian case, either get teh 650D or the 900D.

Pretty much everything Brennan has laid out. You only need a good 750W PSU to 2 way SLI the 780.

And with a budget this size, you can definitely make that Samsung 840 into the pro edition. It is faster than the non-pro. It has better longevity, too.

All-in-one watercoolers are not worth it. If you want to "watercool", you should really look into doing a custom loop, since that will give you the best thermal performance. It would allow you to make the most of the Z87 platform, which runs hot. The custom loop would look good inside the 900D, because of the side window.

I don't think you understand watercooling. You cannot connect the GTX 780 to the H100. You would need to build a custom watercooling loop to attach to the 780:

£33.93 for a mouse-mat? what? it looks like you are just buying things becase there expencive and expecting to get the best pc.

Do a little research on parts dont just buy the most expencive available.

If you got the Hydro Copper 780, you would have to put it in a custom loop, because the Hydro Copper cooler is just a waterblock. Without a complete loop, you would have a fried 780 really quickly.

The only reason to spend a lot of money on a mouse pad is if it is a Func, or if it's massive, like the Xtrac Ripper XXL.

if you don't feel like doing custom loop for the GPU you can get the Artic hybrid AIO GPU water cooler