Thoughts on me rig

what I plan to get, criticise it and / or (simply) improve it 

for gaming @ 1080p around the given budget +/- 30

* the PSU I will get is different then the one on the list --- I'm getting OCZ ZS550W-EU 
        Edit: changed to XFX PRO650W (props to hoocee12!) 

** same as above, just for the RAM --- getting KHX16C9X3K2/8X

here are the reasons for my picks

GPU - overall a good GPU (would take MSI Gaming ed. but it's sold, Lightning drains too much power IMO) 

CPU / MBO - I get a far better deal then on 4670k / Z87 chipset MBO for similar performance

HSF - it's 212 EVO 

RAM - 8 GB @ 1600 MHz, nothing much to talk about here (unsure if it fits the MBO, on pcpartpicker it looks fine, but on official asrock site it doesn't look compatible)

HDD - want to get a reasonable space for low price, heard that Seagate is less reliable

PSU - according to it's a very good PSU for a very low price

Case - want something cheap with fine looks, this is just a matter of taste and I will not take other recommendations for the case 

Optical dirve - just for the sake of it, not taking recommendations here either






are you gona be overclocking? if you are then i would prefer you to get a bigger psu, or it will run maxed out all the time, and it would cause it to even die. A 650W would be a safer bet. But if you ar enot overclocking, then the 550W will be enough, and you can also get the non K version of the cpu and save a bit of money