Thoughts on Laptops

I know this is *Build a PC* but I wanted to get some input on this.
I use a HP Compaq 6710b which was and still is (kinda) a great laptop with an  Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, integrated wifi and 2 GB of ram (which is ok since i only run linux on it). But it's a bit to bulky and heavy to carry around, and its battery is also dead which means i have to always take the charger with me. And if theres no place to plug the charger to an outlet then im screwed. So I've been thinking about getting a netbook or possibly a small notebook. I'm not going to be using windows, Fedora is my new flavor of choice for general purpose "stuff". I don't game so no need for a good graphics, and its mostly going to be used for programming (which is independent of hardware because all you need as a good IDE), multimedia pics/videos/music, web-srufing and messing around with Back Track.

So my question is: Is it worth getting a new netbook/notebook with a maybe less powerfull CPU but more portable and at least a decent battery.


should i just buy a battery for the old HP compaq 6710b, which by default will only last 2 hours, if new. or so I've read

Just buy a new one, low end laptops are really inexpensive and with intels new atom CPU's and AMD's new richland APU's, expect the prices to go down even further soon.

Why not get a ultrabook? i mean there incredibly light yet powerful!

I've seen an i5 laptop on sale today for about £325, can't remember the processor model number so I won't be able to give you that.

I bet if you shop around you could pick a decent, not too bulky, laptop for cheap from which ever country you're from.

Thanks for the replies. It's true, it is better to just get a new ultrabook. I was checking out some low-end ultrabooks with i3 and i5 for $500.00 to $600.00 respectively. Which is pretty close to what a "good" netbook is worth, so its just a matter of seeing whether I trully need an i5 because then again im mostly going to be writing code and such so no need for an i5, though it wouldn't hurt. 

why not do both? i could show you how to rebuild a battery pack. you prolly wouldnt get 2hr out of it but might get 1hr because usually 1 cell dies and it drags all the others down with it.

if ya live near illinois i could prolly send you an old lithium cell if ya need one :D

it wouldnt be too hard to do as long as you have a Multimeter and a Variable DC power supply wouldnt hurt either.

unfortunately I'm not in the near illinois but if its alright, I'd still be interested in learning how to rebuild a battery park. I don't currently haVe a multimeter or variable DC power supply but like I said i'm intersted in learning. 

oh cool, you can get an usable multimeter at wallmart for like 20$ and they can be good for everything from troubleshooting house wiring to checking your car battery :D

my email is [email protected] i check my email like 3 times a day so that would be the quickest way for us to chat.

if it turns out you only have 2 cells that are dead i could prolly stuff some cells into an envelope and ship them to ya if the price isnt too much. i have a lot of medium quality cells lying around that i dont use couse i have better ones that i alway grab first.

I just bought an asus laptop for work and minecraft with 6gb ram 750gb hdd for $450 dollars

also has a pretty decent battery life of 3-4 hours depending on what you're doing