Thoughts on g-sync?

I'm in the market for a new monitor in the next couple months. What are people's thoughts on the new g-sync from nvidia planned for q1 of next year? Worth waiting or not.

I've only watched linus's new videos, but Carmack makes it sound pretty sweet, this just a sexy new idea? I wonder if people think this could take off or not? Theoretically, if it will then monitor prices should crash during the holidays to move stock...

Or is this just a gimmick to counter mantle...

Also, what are the odds of it being backward compatible with my 670?

The idea behind G-sync has some, limited, potential. I wouldn't pay money for it, but it's something that should already be a VESA standard or something.

G-sync itself probably won't be going anywhere, because of vendor lock-in.

If it's not compatible with your 670, you've been screwed by Nvidia. The only required hardware is in the monitor. It would barely take a driver update to make it work with all of their GPUs.

Also, what are the odds of it being backward compatible with my 670?

None. G-sync is a hardware feature and you need new hardware to support other new hardware.

My opinion is that it's unneeded. I don't use vsync and I don't see any tearing when I play games.

Total bullshit,why would i pay 400$ for a monitor!? Not worth it.

gimmick, just another thing Nvidia can sell or market to make you the customer pay for hardware you really don't need.

G-Sync itself is pointless, it's far too expensive for your average consumer and even those hardcore enthusiast may not buy into it as they probably already have an array of expensive monitors. Whether or not they are willing to shell out more cash and loose money is up to them.

I think the big thing behind G-Sync and Mantle is to push a standard, while these by themselves may not go far if the industry makes them a standard then there is no reason not to use it. I just wonder how long any of this will take to develop.

I got nothing against industry standard :D, i do however have issues with one specific company having total control of that standard. I suspect Nvidia will lock this down to their GPU's much like CUDA and Physx which will only make the experience worse for all of us :(

There is still hope they will license it to AMD, I just don't know if AMD will accept it. After all DAT rivalry. 

It's already been said that it will work with any Kepler card, so that means anything from the lowly 650ti all the way up to titan can do it.

Nobody's making you do anything.


It's ANY kepler based card. The GTX6xx & GTX7xx series are both kepler based series so a 670 will have no problem.

..i find g-syne to be a pointless technology in the hands of nvidia. they will overprice and hog the new tech. (hog a term used in my culture meaning keep to ones self)

on the other hand g-sync is actually simple and not that great.

exp. its basically having the image rates/fps of the gpu controll both monitor and gpu fps. meaning LAG LAG LAG..for people like me who play competative. g-sync juat slows things down to get a fixed fps like consoles do. no spikes or fluctuation. again i say.lag lag lag...because things must be slowed down to improve image quality.


we have a latency problem with all our devices, that be networking, computer hardware also software. Nvidia is mot fixing that latency issue, more of placing more burden on it. not to say this is a bad move in their part..its just not revolutionary. 


i am not interested in g-sync as it is at its pre stages of development and a step back in latency fixing..

idk why the hell carmack was at the conference..he does not like latency and nvidia is doing so with the tech

Just another toy for Nvidia to play around with. They remind me of early nintendo.