Thoughts on first build?

heres the link to my rushed first gaming pc build.

any thoughts? recommendations? no fanboying please.

any comments would be graciously accepted and are helpful. 

Link not working

Just went ahead and fixed the link=

Are you going to upgrade any of it later? if not, get 2 sticks of 2GB ram instead of 1 stick of 4GB. It will be cheaper, and it'll also be faster.


Why are you getting thermal paste? If you're not overclocking (which I can't imagine you doing), you don't need aftermarket thermal paste. The pre-applied one will serve you fine. The only time I could imagine using tubed thermal paste is when buying an aftermarket CPU cooler with it.


Please, please please! Buy another fan. You want a good airflow. One at the back won't do you much good. Whenever I do a build, I always buy a second fan.


With the power supply, you don't need 450W. I did a calculation of my own (so you don't have to) and it came to about 250W (rounded up). I suggest going for anything above 300W with 80+ Bronze certified (or over)


Nothing else really to critisize. Might I ask, what are you using this for?

i'm using this as a baseplate to jump into pc gaming. i sold my xbox 360 and have completely lost faith in consoles so i'm finally coming to pc gaming. i'll upgrade it as parts and money become available. 

i think i'm gonna stay with the 450 because of my eventual upgrades i'll be doing.

and thanks for letting me know about the thermal paste. i didn't know whether or not to buy it.

i don't know which fan or what the guidelines would be for getting another fan.

could you help me out with that? thanks for your thoughts very much appreciated.

Do you want silence, good airflow, etc?

I'd suggest Noctua as a brand, all of their fans are very high quality, dispite it's ugly looking colour.

The thing with your build that concerns me is if you're wanting to upgrade it later (some of the guys can correct me as I could be wrong) is the FM2 sockets pretty new and might not be that upgradable in the future? (Again, correct me if I'm wrong!) 

Also; wouldn't a dedicated CPU and GPU be more powerful, even at this level? Or am I talking rubbish here? If so, please disregard what I've just said! 

You really need more RAM, I have the same APU. It needs a lot of RAM to actually go well.

Whats your budget? good deal on ram for apu system

i would personaly go for an AM3+ build, but thats a bit depending on how much you have to spend.

Am3+ with an dedicated gpu gives you probably better gaming performance, and more upgrade capability´s later on.