Thoughts on Distros that use KDE like kubuntu?

right now im using kubuntu witch uses kde. whats the communitys thoughts of KDE? i love kde its very user friendly and also i set up my grandmother up with linux debian using kde. And makin icons super big are great for users like that lol.

I am a fan of kde because it is easy to customize the bajeezus out of it. Also you can make it a tiling display if you want.

I use it with OpenSuse.


I ran Manjaro with KDE for some time. Loved the user friendly GUI and the power of an Arch based distribution. Wonderful.

I must say, my linux GUI experience is limited to KDE, Unity, and Cinnamon. KDE is great, Cinnamon is equally as wonderful, and I hated Unity. Just my .02 though. I would like to try xfce and see what that is all about.

Xfce is great if u like lightweight. its great for older pc's. KDE if u got the hardware and ram its the best experiance for noobys. and also cinnamon is great too. only problem i have is all linuxs i use with cinnamon my ati drivers screw up lol

I really like KDE, looks like it's my favourite DE now. However, it needs quite a lot of resources.

I use KDE on everything. Debian mostly. Even ran it on Windows :).