Thoughts on Corsair K95 RGB

Upgrading from a razer black widow. Any other suggestions are appreciated.

If you really want an RGB keyboard with red switches, then go for it.

Its actually a pretty solid keyboard. Its super gimmicky and pretty darn expensive, but it is still reasonably well built.

K95 RGB is just too long. If you don't mind not having RGB, get a Das keyboard they're one of the best.

If you NEED RGB. Then perhaps get a K60 or a K75!


That's all personal preference though.

Unless you are under 5 feet tall, or have t-rex arms, I am sure that you can probably get away with using the corsair keyboard.

I would personally start off worrying about what type of key switch is needed, and then work up from there.

Hey, I ahve the slightly smaller k70 version, its great! if you dont ned tons of extra macro buttons then get the k70 RGB...

Also ignore people saying the software is crap and too complicated.... as the simple thing is to make something that is so versatile and with literally limitless possibilities then of course the software is going to be complex and deep. However you can easily download themes and do basic stuff yourself with no issues!

Hardware wise it's top the of the class.

i actually have a K95 RGB, ONLY because it was going for cheaper than the K70 RGB and also were sold out on Amazon for a while. Plus having a gift card on Amazon during that time i was able to snag a K95 for under 100 bucks, it is a long keyboard and i only use maybe 6 - 7 of the Marco keys (comes with 18), but it has treated me well and im very happy with it, wouldnt trade it for any other keyboard out there.

No. Run far and run fast. Never buy corsair anything.

But I see I am too late. Or maybe not yet, I read the wrong name on the reply.

If I'm not wrong didn't people have issues on the k70/ k95 rgb due to software issues? Personally I went with a Ducky year of the goat, being bound to software is annoying. Plus lack of linux support, go for a Ducky yotg or shine 5.

As I own K95 I've been looking RGB reviews just out of curiosity, and none seem to have any better software than original Corsair. Maybe some crash more than others, but whats actually possible to do is the same.

Only thing whats slightly different is Razer making Chroma profile for Overwatch which is kinda cool.

Main problem is that activating different profile from mouse or keyboard click require keybind mess which then becomes too complex, and that crashes the whole lighting. For starters it'd be great to have both K95 & M65 as one profile, that'd cut the mess in half.

Those copied cherry mx switches on the Razer though, and just the fact it's a Razer.. No thanks