Thoughts on Call of Duty

Hi, I am curious what everyone thoughts on Call of Duty are. In a lot of videos reviewing computer hardware or benchmarks, no one ever seems to test out Call of Duty, they do on the otherhand test BF3. I happen to find Call of Duty very fun and play it more thatn a lot of games. Also hardly anyone ever talks about on the forum. So what your opinion on the game?

I think its a good game for people who like that kind of thing. for me its too much just running around. I can see how it could be fun but I just dont like playing it.

BF3 is THE if not one of the hardest games to run as of now. If the computer can run BF3 on ultra, It can run anything else (like cod, or skyrim)


Hmmmmm maybe ill do a benchmark, I only have MW3 tho. 


Do yuo guys think COD is more fun than Battlefield 3

I think COD is better in the form of a arcade game just repetitive run and shoot style, battlefield is more of a 'war' simulator, it's a different kind of fun, if you get bored of the cod feeling you can play battlefield, and vice versa, because they really aren't similar.

please, dont start a flame war.... but bf3 is SOO much better. That's my opinion, but JT makes a good point.

Okay say I played through the Volk Mission with all settings on Max, using a Single Radeon 6950. and here were my results. I stopped playing at the part where you get to the sewers. Average FPS: 32. Although my system has a massive bottleneck, using an old x6 1055t and dont have performance memory, this is still pretty poor performance considering my system runs BF3 on Ultra and Crysis 2 on Extreme. I also did a Benchmark with Crossfire Enabled and the perfomance was even worse, about 28 FPS. The PC version was obviously neglected during development as these results lead me to beleive that the game is spec'd for consoles and although there is a CrossfireX profile it its very poor. I'll be upgrading to an i7 3770k and Gskill Tridents very soon and I'll do another benchmark. 

It's just depends on preferences and what you like. COD isn't that bad of a game but I do think it gets more praise than it deserves. If I was inviting a friend over who doesn't really take gaming seriously and just wants to have fun, I'd put COD on and play that. If I was inviting someone over who was big into FPS and took it more seriously I'd put BF3 on.

COD is a lot more fast paced and arcade style, which I think is why it's more popular.

Personally I would take BF3 over COD cause I like the BF3 gameplay style more.

BF3 gets tested more in benchmarks than COD because COD isn't a graphically demanding game. System requirements for all COD games have had very little variation over the years, although I heard they added DirectX 11 support for Black Ops 2.

I have a severe hatred for this game. But by no means will I talk anyone down who plays it. I mean, as a personal experience, games are suppose to be fun. I owned Call of Duty MW3 and Black Ops but I found myself getting mad EVERY time I died. Its addicitive, yes, but man did it make me physically angry. And plus, you die in like 2 hits. Making anyone who plays it for the first time very hard. Also, if I wanted to get called a 'faggot' Id play more. Thats the reason why I dont play it. Cause douchebags cant control themselves. Man, have alot of people had sex with my mom... lol. Thats why I REALLY dont like the game. But, if its your thing... go ahead.

People being rude and insulting is one of the biggest reasons why I don't really game online that much anymore. Some people on Tek Syndicate say that this behavior is more prevelant on Xbox Live but maybe that is just due to the fact that mics/headsets are more prevelant on Xbox Live and every game supports mic functionality.

Although maybe there really is more of that on Xbox Live as that platform generally includes young teens/pre-teens moreso than the PC does but there is definitely a lot of that same behavior on PC as well. As I have come to experience...

I use to enjoy Call of duty but I got sick of the connection issues on the xbox which does not have dedicated servers. I recently sold my xbox 360 and got a pc that could run bf3 because it ran so poor and their was only 24 man servers.

Triple A games in general are for casuals, cods good for wasting time but it's not competetive or interesting for that matter. I was pretty damn good at call of duty before i realised that the series died with cod4, but i can honestly say that without promod the newer titles are a little too hectic, confused, and generally upsetting. You can finish a game 30 and 3 but it'll still leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth

I am going to state, alot of generalizations about FPS games in general, that make these games so... underwhelming.

I do play alot of FPS games. I played COD up to black ops, CS since 1.4 until currently, Halo from 1 until 3. I played CS competitively, same with Halo 3. My biggest problem with COD and all shooters that fall under its umbrella of run and gun is there is so little actual skill. In no way am I saying some people are not better then others, but when you are playing "casual" gamers, in a game that rewards simply for just having seat time; the skill ceiling is very limited. There is no punishment for being bad, there is no reward for being good. It makes everyone feel as if they accomplished something. The games I play are not rewarding for being bad. Examples include, in CS if you die unproductivily, you most likely will cost your team a round or more and you have to wait to respawn sometimes about 2 minutes. People NEED to work as a team to win. 1v5 is just not very likely going to happen, camping must be done with a some end goal or its just going to cause the team to fail.

When I play any video game, I enjoy the learning process and the ability to show true skill. I enjoy learning stragedy, playing past the boundaries of the game. Being a good shot in shooters only goes so far. If you can position your team well, and pinch correctly it never becomes  which shot is better... usually. But you have time to properly aim and make good shots. 

This comes to my big point (which was lightly noted in the other points), A game needs something to give it a long term skill cap, so the game can keep developing and growing. Some examples are the huge amounts of stradegys that exist within CS, spawn timing and weapon control in Halo, map control in all of the games. It makes the games new over and over again. These games are hard to play, thats why they last the longest. Halo 3, CS:1.6, Quake, are some of the biggest FPS franchises ever in terms of play time. Not in sales, but definetly in time played.

So. This brings us back to the initial thought of the OP, unfortunatly being someone that did prestige and did play COD I think the only reason they release a new game every 6 months is because they have to. The game is lack luster, void of skill, doesnt create better players, but makes bad players the same and average players the same. For a casual game to throw on and play, nothing wrong with the way its made, but investing time into it... you will be left with nothing coming out of it. I have played alot of games, almost all Multiplayer based from SC:BW to CS:Go they all made me play for years not for months.

In my own opinion I believe that the FPS genre has been overmilked and has got sour I cannot play battlefield or call of duty for more that 20 minutes because it is so repetitive It drives me carzy. Ihave now moved onto other genres such as rts moba and turnbased strategy as they offer a truly unique experience everytime you play it rather than the same stuff force fed to you for the past 7 years

I wish the new Halo games were on PC :'(

Last CoD I played was 2. Since that time I've been running away from CoD and in fact any FPS like the plague.

There are a select few that I like like Republic Commando(sw fanboy) and HL2, but that's it.

All of the newer ones are too seizure-inducing for me. In fact I still fondly remember the days when all the UI you had was your health in one corner and your ammo in the other.

My thoughts, COD 1 was good (period), COD 4 not so much as a game, more as a scrolling movie adventure, AI was worse than the first one (years later), multiplayer was decent, not as good as ghost recon or CS or DOD, HALO etc.

Oftopic sorry, try Jedi Knight, jedi outcast, the fps part is interesting, and duels are fun. Also star wars battlefront is like battlefield (conquest mode).