Thoughts on Bullet for my Valentine and Foo Fighters

Great bands, but I want your opinion.

Both are pretty good I'd say. BFMV is a bit too goth-like for me though.

Too whiny for my taste.

Instrumentally alright, vocally not my thing.

BFMV: their music doesn't really hold my attention. There's nothing complex or hard to play about any of their songs, just seems kinda poppy to me.

Foo Fighters: I don't mind them, they're good at what they do. Dave Grohl was a huge inspiration to me back in the nirvana days (what was I thinking?)

Bullet For My Valentine is probably in my top 15 bands, they've got some decent riffs like the lead guitar in Your Betrayal.  As for Foo Fighters, as much as I like Dave Grohl and a select few of their songs, I always get really bored with their music.  It all sounds like the same stuff to me really.

I need to listen to them more, since the only song I know is Scream Aim Fire which I abaolutely enjoy.

I like the Foo Fighters quite a bit actually, they have some awesome songs.

Bullet isn't my cup of tea. I just can't get into their music as much as I can with other bands. 

Ah Foo Fighters.. 'The Colour and the Shape' was the gateway album got me interested in rock. I just liked the cover design because I was a Chemistry nerd, glad I picked it up. 'There is Nothing Left to Lose' and 'One by One' are also a great albums but everything after that is pure shi*e in my opinion :/

Maybe give a listen to Hand of Blood, Tears Don't Fall, Waking the Demon, Hearts Burst Into Fire

Of the two I only like the foo fighters. Great driving music, it's possible to listen to it without speeding exponentially. This is impossible with all forms of metalllllllllllll. The foo fighters introduced me to rock and while I don't listen to them as much as previously I still enjoy listening from time to time.

There are a few older songs by Bullet that I don't mind. I hate their newer releases. Met them in person at a signing. Seemed like they were stuck up. But that's just my opinion.