Thoughts On Build

Here is a build I am thinking of putting together, FYI I already have the graphics card but in time I am thinking of getting a 4gb 680. Just looking for thoughts on budget relocation and/or better parts. Budget is $1700, Go crazy. Fans are for the h100. I am going to wait untill the h100i comes out and get that.

Just a fyi, the case and mobo aren't compatable according to pcpartpicker.


I know but I looked on the corsair and asus forums and it only partially covors the cable routing holes.

yeah, I suggest the rosewill thor v2

it's a full tower, and your mid-tower WILL NOT fit an e-atx mobo

Look up "corsair 650d maximus V formula" and on the corsair forums there are pics of a build with them together.

Here is a link

It is a nice case but I like more simple and clean cases.

Why don't you just get a normal ATX board and save yourself the hassle? Oh and, why did you get the 660 Ti? I believe for around $200( more or less) more, you could've gotten the 680 4GBs you wanted. 

Other than that, everything looks good.

I see what you mean by the case, but wouldnt it be a tight squeeze. 

About the board, I have been looking at it for along time and everything is perfect on it. Even the onboard audio is better than normal. I am also getting it slightly for asthetics. About the 660ti I got it at a time when I thought I had saved enough money to buy the rest of the parts, turns out I was wrong. So for the mean time it is in my HP (ddr2 era). My dad just ordered a new computer (i dont know why he didn't make one) and it doesn't come with a graphics card so we were thinking put the 660ti in that and get me a 4gb 680.

It only slightly covors the wiring holes so it's not that big of a deal.

dude, get an atx full tower, it will save you a great many headaches it fits

on second thought... why the hell doesn't corsair list this as eatx compatible?