Thoughts on ASUS M5A97 R2.0

Was it a good upgrade from my ASrock FM2A85X Extreme4-M? Wanted to get almost the same features as that board.

Good overclocking?

Hows the UEFI Bios?  

I am really interested in the USB Bios Flashback and the DirectKey for example thats featured on the board.

Pairing this up with an Fx-6300.

P.S Do I need a bios update to the board before installing the cpu?

I mean out of all the 970 boards out there, the Asus M5A97 is the best, but that said any 970 board kind of sucks(due to heat issues and the vrams which will hinder your overclocking by a good amount). You want atleast a 990 board, which i recommend this boards older brother the Asus M5A99x Evo, which is a great board that has all the features you want and more. From what I have seen, people really enjoy the UEFI Bios from Asus and the overclocking is great, because of it's 6+2 power phase design and the quality of the parts. It's one of the most recommend AM3+ boards on our forums.

The UEFI bios is pretty good, asus usually makes good ones.  You should be able to get a slight overclock, if you want more the 990fx is probably a better chipset.  I'm not sure on the over clocking stuff though, hopefully someone else can verify what I said.  I think that you will have to update the bios because the 6300 is a vishera CPU.  Overall I think that it is a great board for the price.

Well I was considering the 99x chipsets but I dont think I will do that much of an overclock right now. Probably at the most for now is around the 4.0-4.5ghz on the 6300.

I will be using this for streaming and gaming. Play in 1080p and stream to the web at 720p with also the occasional school work once starts up again for me. 

Thanks for the info. I just wanted a mid range upgrade as my budget was around the $ I wanted a motherboard about the same quality like that asrock. 

That's what I have, and my FX-6300 will go 4.4 without  any voltage adjustments. I am happy with it however I wish I has spent the extra 50$ and bought the 990 pro, only because I grabbed another 7950 back in Oct. when the were around 220$ and it works but would work better on the 990pro. The BIOS did not need an update to run the FX-6300, dropped it in and away we go. For the price it is a great board.

Nice to know. I am only running one 7850 and maybe get another if the price is right. Right now though this fx 6300 and 7850 should be what I only need. 

Asus M5A97 R2.0 4+2 powerphases digi vrm´s great motherboard for a FX6300 cpu.

You dont need a bios update, its plug n play out ofthe box. ☺