Thoughts on Asus GTX780 w/ DirectCUII?

Hey guys, just wanted to get some thoughts on this battle of the variants of the 780.

This one from Asus really has my attention. It has a heat pipe system, backplate and a push/pull fan.


Do you think it would be worth $700 against other varients like this $660 from EVGA with ACX Cooling?


or hell even a $700 battle with EVGA!


I've heard EVGA has the better warranty and reputation, no?


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The asus card, based soley on claims made on the websites, should run cooler.

The Asus card has a backplate, so that's what I would get. Also the EVGA classified card has that ugly ass red "Classified" on it. So out of place.

The new 2-slot cooler design is a far sight better than the traditional DCII 2-slot cooler they use on their next step down graphics cards, I can say that just by looking at the way its designed. I have an HD 7870 DCII v2 cooled graphics card and the cooler is not as well designed as it should be.