Thoughts on a build

Hello, I thought I might ask you always helpful people on this wepsite for your opinions.

I plan on building on a PC for myself. It is actually a gaming setup but it should serve for some lite video/photo editing, am I right? Well this is the more performance optimised setup, or it´s meant to be at least. I try to keep it as near to 850-900 € as i can ( failed ), with still not going for cheap "not- performance" components ( case, PSU, Mobo etc.). I think this is a good balance. But this post is not really about my opinion, but about your counsel. So What would you change/ what would you change if you were me ( 1440p gaming, some editing etc)?


Nice build, but you could save some money and get this ram

also get the thremaright hr 02 macho its really the best cooler for the money

the define r5 just came out. So i would get it.

Thank you for the fast response.

okay i´ll get the ram, it seems like a good deal, and get the macho instead. 

What i´ve seen so far of the define r5 i really liked, but the thing is, it is about 20€ more. For that i could get my favourit case the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. I´ll have to see if i save up the money for any of the other cases.