Thoughts (4k TV as Monitor)

Any thoughts on this D40u-D1 Visio TV?

Review link:

They give it a 9 for gaming even though it doesn't support 4:4:4 chroma @ 4k 60, only 4:2:2

There is no DP

Any advice for a $400 40" 4k monitor? Should I save up a bit more for something better?

i have no experience with this brand or this tv, however i would say dont do it if you expect decent response times some are just too noticeable with tvs.

then again i have no idea about this particular tv

The response time the reviewer found is 12.3 ms, which isn't even that bad. IMO bad would be 15ms or greater
and in put lag was even better @ 13.5 ms where most PC monitors even BenQ's gaming monitors have 20 ms

I don't see a DisplayPort... You know one of these threads pop up every week or so, about using a TV as a monitor. Go for it, but DisplayPort is where its at!

You can't consider buying a Korean import monitor? you can just buy a digitalTV box for it if that is what your wanting also?

I know right? I read each one, but none are specifically in my price range and or are no longer available. I don't watch television. I want this for PC gaming and to be proportional to my 1080 monitors :) the imports are either way way out of my price range (I'd like to stay around $400 USD) or might be a bit risky

I have the M43-C1 which is just the 43 in version I believe. It has the one HDMI port that supports 60hz. I quite like the TV as a monitor although I don't use it as one. I have three monitors on my desk all 24' and I mounted the TV on the wall. The best part is it wont use any power for the TV unless its is on. it wont even detect it making it easier to game on my monitor. If you watch netflix the app is good but I just use it from the PC. Let me tell you one thing, the BLACKS on my TV is AMAZING.

$400USD might be a bit hard. I'm not sure if any Korean monitors come in at 32", tried doing a quick search and not much showed up.

Update: Cheapest I can find is this, has displayport