Thought you guys might think this is cool

Please forgive me if this in any way violates a forum guideline, I briefly looked at them though and I think I’m fine. So, while being a little buzzed earlier I had an idea and I wanted to share it here before I go to my buddy with it. My friend is a painter, and I’ve been thinking about paying him to make an original work for my new apartment. His stuff is usually pop culture icons, and mostly hip hop but I’ve been thinking about asking him to do Gabe Newell. He did make a pretty cool one with the famous pic of Einstein with his tongue out.

Here’s an article from a local magazine in our city to show you his style.

He’s not part of the PC Master Race like most of us here (kidding) so he’s not too familiar with people like Gaben but I think a lot of people would appreciate his work if he catered to our interests. Maybe video game characters? Anyway, to get to the point I just wanted to see if you guys thought this was cool, and if I should encourage him to spend the time on it. He sells and ships quality prints, and if it came to that it’d be all his business, I’m just trying to help a friend! Also, not sure if the Level1 team is cool with that or not but for now it’s just an idea. I don’t want to come across as abusing the forum nor actually abuse it.