Those new drivers!

I just caught this video, showing the new nVidia beta drivers and the performance increase is impressive! If you guys haven't seen it, here is a link to a video that shows it's glory!

Well im still to do more testing with these new beta's (released yesterday), but so far its only 3dmark11 and Hitman that has showed any increase in performance for me. - (SLI gtx760's). 3dMark13 results were down by 200 points in Firestrike.

Time will tell I suppose. At least on paper this new direction with the drivers looks promising.

Does it bug anyone else that he puts his hands together way too often like mister Burns?

Think he used sli'd 690's ? +1 for anykind of improvement. Sadly, i have only a gts 450 left to bench with and its missing fan blades.:") Swtor was hard on my last sli settup.

I did the heaven benchmark myself, got ZERO improvements at 1440p with the new drivers (gtx 770 and i5 4670k @ 4.4GHz) Really weird if you ask me.

At least from what I've seen, the improvements seem to be anywhere from 0-10% on single GPU setups (and only some games have any improvement at all). However, for SLI there seem to be some massive improvements.

This is only from looking at various benchmarks as I don't own an nVidia card personally.

Looks like it. Seems like they've done something against the CPU overhead, so you will only notice it with programs where you are limited by your CPU. SLI systems and people with a lower end CPU will probably benefit from it, but I literally got no improvements at all with my single 770 on Heaven 4.0

Here's nvidia's full results

They are probably exaggerated numbers, but can anyone get anything even close in these games?