Thomas Drake tells the truth about Google and Microsoft

In the wake of the NSA-spying scandal of Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, this week has seen some remarkable revelations:

1. A 31-year old employee of the committee that investigates the NSA cyber warfare aggression against Germany, has been arrested, and he has confessed that he's working for the NSA as an insider in the investigative committee.

2. Thomas Drake, the former NSA-cryptospecialist, has testified before the committee that the German Secret Service (BND) has been working together with the NSA and CIA, exchanging data, supplying concrete information that was used by the CIA for drone assassinations, and has revealed that the NSA has extensive agreements with both Google and Microsoft, whereby he states that Microsoft is the number 1 collaborator and Google is the number 2. He has also stated that the IT company CSC is also a close NSA collaborator. He has confirmed that the only option in order to preserve data security is to use open source solutions and move away completely from any commercial US software.

Sources for those that read German: Links to different content in relation to this are available there, and also this:, with a link below that article to the Thomas Drake hearing report.

Nice to see confirmation for such obvious assumptions.


Fuck you, NSA. Control obsessed perverts.

I posted an article asking why google drive isnt being targeted for piracy concerns. Now we know.


This is funny seems to contradict your post. All for public show I guess:

That post was featured in The Tek. I agree with their opinion, Germany ending the contract with Verizon looks like posturing to appease the public. The good news to take away from this is that the German government still cares about public opinion.