THL T6S - root - app2sd

Hey guys,This device is supposed to be 8GB. But when I go to storage, I have two items.
Internal Storage 2.26GB (214MB availalable) and Phone Storage 3.88GB ( 3.63GB available)

I am unable to install any new apps due to storage (even when the app is say 20MB and it says I have 214MB available). But obviously I still have over 3 GB free.


I attempted to root it using iroot, (English version of vroot) and it appears to work according to root checker basic app. But when I try to use app2sd there is no move to sd button... anyone know if that only works literally with sd cards or am I supposed to be able to use it to move apps between partitions?


Also, even though root checker basic says I'm rooted, there is a chinese app that vroot installed, and I'm unable to install it :(


Any tips?