This will work?

Hey, it's my first time building a pc and I needed to know if this is going to work: . I am willing to spend no more than $1200. I already got the case and the optical drive. The case is the Rosewill Galaxy-03 I'm including it in the link. I dont plan the overclock so i didnt include a cpu cooler. I will use it for gaming, console emulation and maybe in the future to render videos (maybe not) and I'm planning to use 2-Way crossfire  with the card included in the link in the future (if I manage to get more budget). Please tell me what do you think of my build. Thanks in advance.

Better GPU for about the same.

And maybe a better PSU (more watts or higher rating [one or the other])


i would go for a 64 bit win 8 or 7 and save ~$85 and if you are set on AMD 

then get this motherboard

and save another ~$60 now with the $145 you are saving get a better power supply and a better graphics card 

PSU   $135

GPU OH MY GOD THIS ONE 4 free games and its a 7970 GHz edition $20 over but well worth it

this would do if you dont want the first one not $20 over 

if you are not set on AMD 

get a intel i5 3507k or 4670K have to get a different motherboard build below

 Same GPU form above

Come on now I expected better from you. Joking. Anyways got a 1080p very good quality screen so you can see the difference in the computer. Hardware going to a bad screen will always look bad.

Upgraded the gpu to the 7950 which you can expect max on almost all games.

Beefed up the power supply for future crossfire and headroom.

I don't see a cpu cooler on your build which means I'm assuming you won't overclock. So I lowered the motherboard. The main difference between the 2 is how well the Sabertooth handles overclocks. The sound cards, ethernet chipsets, and bios are pretty much identical.

Unless you can state something specific you need from windows ultimate then you most likely don't need it. It won't result in any better performance.

Upgraded the ssd to a 256 gb Adata with better read write times.