This week in "Stupid Policy"


Apple censors the word "natte" (Dutch for "wet") in all song titles, including japanese songtitles, and including Smurfs songs. This completes an Apple crusade against European Continental Literature and Culture in general, they have also been forbidding books, censoring book titles, censoring phrases, words and sequences from literary works without notifying the author, etc... Murica, stop it!

Catholic school in Arkansas provides teachers with sidearms to wear while in class. I have no words for that...

Obama is going to attack Syria, well, he's going to make a bunch of US citizens attack Syria, and kill hundreds of them in the process...


Anyone more stupidity from this week's news to add?


Apple these days. Soon they will be suing apples for having the same name as their products.

This is why weapons need to be banned in the us (Guns). There is absolutely no need for them to be in schools, if anything they would be a hazard to the children. If one lazy teacher leaves it lying around some kid might pick it up. Its sad to know that kids with guns kill more people than sharks, yet they still keep them.

I think Australian goverment might be moving in some troops to syria to help them out. 

This while gun control business. Gun don't kill people. People kill people. If you want to stop mass killings, practically every chemical needs to be banned so that PEOPLE don't kill other PEOPLE. Oh yea. And flammable things should be banned. If someone wants to stop killing in general, they just need to start cutting off hands. The lengths that we would have to go to so that we can stop this stuff is saddening and absurd. Everything is usable by people to kill people. The materials don't get up and take a life. People learn how to use them just to make it easier on themselves. Okay. My rant is over. 

can't forget pointy sticks, and no-one even cares about assault cars, every year thousands of people are murdered with assault cars

"Jump 'n' scares" can kill people by giving them a heart attack or making them fall backwards and hit their heads (and so on..). Should Halloween and scary movies be banned?

I wonder when the day comes where the gun misfires in the holster and hits a kid cause the teacher didn't feel like cleaning it properly.

The world seems to go so... (got no words)... that I stopped watching the news. A few of the last things I heard was politician stealing money from taxes to build a sauna in his own home, building a new nuclear reactor instead of picking something more environmental and built a new train system in the northern parts but didn't think about adding a brake system which works during winter, so the trains crash or the wheels break. The only place in this country that has about -40 to -50 degrees celsius doesn't have brakes for winter....

I'm not going to argue with people here, just going to state my own opinion, its pointless to argue with pretty much anyone on the internet. but guns are made to kill, or to do damage (yes this applies to sports too). I think they're a double edged sword, you can't ban guns, then you get people illegally owning guns and no one having guns, however, had guns never been made legal in the first place, then there wouldn't be such a problem. Anyway, back to the point Zoltan was originally trying to get across. Am I the only one who thinks the war on syria is utter rubbish and that we should have no part in it? 

I'm against banning guns. I don't like guns myself, and don't want to use them to be honest, like you won't catch me driving a Porsche or using a Mac, it's a matter of style I guess, but they're also loud and they smell bad, but I'm very much opposed to the idea that government mercenaries have more weapons than citizens. In the American Consitution, when the founding fathers talked about the citizen's duty to overthrow a corrupt government, they were not talking about Syria or Afghanistan or Iraq or Vietnam or Korea or whatever, they were talking about the relation of the citizens towards their own government. Now how would it be possible to have the power to overthrow the government if weapons were banned, and when violence and weapon deployment is the only language the government speaks... Already way too much weapons are banned, and free travel is limited or severly inhibited. A government should only be tolerated by the citizens as long as it represents the will of the majority of the citizens. Let's have a poll about how many percent of Americans think attacking Syria is a good idea... yeah right...

I'm not saying the weapons ban in Europe should be lifted though, the healthy thing about Europe is that it has many different countries with many different governments that are in constant competition because there is freedom of travel and work between countries. However, in the UK for instance, where bobbies traditionally were unarmed, policemen now start to look like american GIs, and war weapons are used for policing duties (?), and that's a very sad evolution. And it's not just the UK, in Belgium for instance, there is since this week a new law that cops that do something wrong and get suspended, don't have to stay home anymore, they can just carry on to do what they did before and keep their weapons and all their police competences, and even their full pay, whereas before this week, if a cop did something wrong and was under investigation, he would be suspended at home, would have to surrender his weapon, and would only get 75% of his pay. Now the only possibility for really suspending a cop is if there is a criminal investigation against him, but yeah... those are done by the cops right, so no... not going to happen, where would you even file charges against a cop? This kind of stupid stuff leads to a civil servant class with huge power and no responsibilities and accountability, and that leads to a very unhealthy state. So that Belgian cop immunity law can be added to the "this weeks stupid policy" list.

Sounds good adding the belgian cop to the list.

Was just going to mention that if guns were banned and the government needed to be overthrown, then I would go without weapons into the white house to demonstrate my opinion against whatever needed to be demonstrated against. If they would hit me and push me away, then I would keep on going. If they would shoot me in the leg, I would crawl towards it. If they would arrest me, then I would kick the window inside the police car and crawl out, even if it would be moving, and still crawl towards the white house. Maybe the higher power keeps their thoughts as they are and ignores it all but what they don't know is that the people who work for them (the guards, soldiers and so on) have a little sympathy inside and would hopefully not hit a crippled person who just wants to give his freedom of speech. If it was needed, I would ask some people to carry me towards the white house on a stretcher. But then ofcourse, I'm not American. Violence should never be needed and this would prove how much I would not want to live in that country unless something was done properly.

english cops have guns now? I live in england, enever once seen a police officer with guns, however some such as the riot cops and other cops placed in high risk situations may have guns, but as far as I know, ive never seen a cop with a gun in the streets. 

Interesting. Even we have cops with guns here in Sweden and we have a lower crimerate than you guys, I think. Wonder why we have guns and you don't..

Until guns grow legs, a brain, and start killing people on their own, guns "dont" kill people. To me, when they are used for actions like that, they are just an easy way out for people not to do it themselves. 

Probably one of those "if they dont need it, you dont either" things. 

Sounds legit.

Banning Firearms is not going to make the problem go away. Drug dealers and armed robbers are still going to find ways to acquire firearms regardless of what the law says. The real issue is the federal legality and state taxation of Cannabis, with improving the mental healthcare availible to everybody regardless of financial situation within this country.

90% of the prison population here in the United States are there for drug related felonies. Most because they are addicts that have underlying mental health issues that need to be addressed before they can truely be free of their addiction. Another large portion of that population are in prison for smoking cannabis, which if were a regulated, taxed commodity, they wouldn't be sitting in prison rotting away at tax payer money.

I've been through the legal system here in the US and I can tell you outright, its a kangroo court system built on the principle of creating money for privately owned jail houses and prisons. They don't want to rehabilitate you, they want you to get put back in jail/prison to make them more money.

UK cops do have guns, but they have them in major metropolis areas e.g London. Locations with a large amount of traffic or certain types of transit. Most airports have armed police, given the events of recent years.

Must admit, I got a bit of a shock when I first witnessed someone in posession of a gun. It's just not normal in the UK, almost frowned upon.

Guns make it easier to kill people. Therefore, people kill more people when guns are easily available. Proof of this is US having highest rate of firearm-related homicides compared to all developed countries placed 14th worldwhide between Costa Rica and Uruguay.

Banning guns because they can kill is like banning computers because they can hack.

banning guns isnt going to work, take a look at other things that they have banned, like drugs. people still use drugs, people still sell drugs, people still grow and make drugs. them banning drugs didnt do much to help against them.

I hate arguing the anti-gun debate, I'm Australian and the only guns here tend to be on farms etc, so they are few and far between. I'll leave you with this though, it's freakin hilarious, but is also so true.

woopdidoo lol